2023 Year in Review by 6th Class

This year has given us many opportunities. From Luna New Year to graduating, Year 6 has been a great experience.

On Monday 30th of January, we started our last year at John Colet. We kicked off the year with adorable faces by helping our Lower 1st buddies through their first days at school. We then celebrated Luna New Year where 6th Class got to dress up in big dragon costumes and parade around the Garigal while playing traditional Chinese drums. Our next big thing went swimmingly. Guessed it? The Swimming Carnival, where everyone from 3rd to 6th Class participated in swimming. At the end of the month, we had Cook House Charity Day.

Our next event was the public speaking finals. Then came the Easter service, Anzac Day service and then the Walkathon which we got to enjoy with our buddies. And finally, we conclude our last Term 1 at John Colet on the 6th of April.

In Term 2, 6th Class did fun activities in science, for example, we made cyclone-proof houses with sustainable materials and tested it with a leaf blower. We recorded the results including if they survived and what improvements you could have made to the house. Our P&F organized a relaxed Movie night which invited students to come to school at night in comfortable clothing and enjoy the movie. There were several issues with where it would be held but our kind parents decided on MacLaren Hall. The Upper 1st and 2nd classes also performed their Shakespeare Play this term . Open Day, which is when parents and students are invited to the school and enjoy entertainment, for example, Shakespeare Club’s performance of certain scenes and Primary, Infants and Choir’s beautiful singing.

Term 2 was eventful and certainly an interesting Term for our Year Six students.

After the Term 3 winter holidays, 6th Class was buzzing with stories to tell and ready to start the second semester. Only 10 days after the first day of term, Year 6 was ready for our friendly but competitive Athletics Carnival. We had so much fun but more fun on our 3-day Bathurst 5th and 6th Class camp. Our focus was gold so one of the activities included gold panning but sadly, no classmates found any gold. The other activities included line-dancing, boomerang throwing and painting and learning what it was like to be one of the gold settlers. Phillip House Charity Day was a fun day where we could where one piece of clothing in a specific colour. This charity earned a lot of points for our Houses. This term we also started our Shakespeare which was “Julius Caesar” for 6H and “Taming of the Shrew” for 6L.

We started Term 4 strong with 6H and 6L performing their Shakespeare plays, Taming of the Shrew and Julius Caesar at Glen Street Theatre. Although most of us found it nerve-wracking being onstage in front of such a large audience, we all summoned up our courage and, according to countless audience members, did an amazing job with our respective plays.

One of our classmates won an author visit from their winning writing submission for the CBCA Lunch With the Stars writing competition. Pip Harry visited our school and talked about her journey as an author and her inspiration for her books.

6thClass organised about seven successful and varied stalls and raised about $2500 for the vegetable garden, growing vegetables for our lunches. The activities ranged from food, to games, to hair and slime. For 6th Class Fun Day we went to Central Coast Tree Tops and Net World. It was very fun, as we loved bouncing on nets and the ziplines.


  • Katherine, Aiden, Hailey and Catherine – 6th Class 2023