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Free Writing books for 2C

Free Writing books for 2C - image free-writing-books on

This week the children finished covering their Free Writing Books and began using them. The idea is that they may write any genre they choose and find support materials in the class ‘Free Writing Area’ to do this. Their work will not be marked. The children will not be bound by concerns about spelling and punctuation. The work may be viewed and shared if they choose. There has been much enthusiasm and excitement. Some children have written many pages already.

In the classroom this week we completed measurement tasks involving length and converted units of measure into millimetres, centimetres and metres. In English we familiarised ourselves with ‘persuasive text’ structure and language. An Exposition, ‘persuasive text’ is used to persuade someone of our opinion, supported by valid arguments and reasons. In Geography we explored the purpose and use of spaces. We considered the layout of our classroom and changed it to a more suitable arrangement for the purpose of learning and the time spent in our classroom library. The children shared their views in helping to decide this layout. In Science we planned our zoo map before beginning construction next week. Below are pictures of each group, co-ordinating their plans. There are many skills involved in the process.

Lea-Ann Connell