6th Class consider 'Dilemma' by Richard Aldington - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

6th Class consider ‘Dilemma’ by Richard Aldington

Primary School for Years K to 6 in Belrose, Sydney

Our poetry theme continued this week with a study on a free-verse poem by Richard Aldington called ‘Dilemma’. I was amazed at the mature responses by the children and their ability to analyse and interpret Aldington’s words. It is a beautiful poem full of clever personification and rich vocabulary and we had a great discussion about the ending – did the poet’s friend end up travelling the world again, or did they opt to stay at home? If you would like to read the poem you can find it here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/browse?contentId=20284 Be sure to read on to the second page!

One point we did all agree on was that the poem would make a beautiful painting, with all its characters and imagery included. I love the fact that the children can imagine what this would look like and ‘see’ the poem in their minds.

Allison Tomicki