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6th Class fundraise for Kidpreneur

Good Morning, Headmistress/Teachers and Students

I am Sophia W from 6th class. I would like to remind you that Kidpreneur is coming up soon.
If you didn t know, Kidpreneur is where we raise money and then donate to a chosen charity.

We are raising money for Starlight.  Starlight entertains very ill kids with fun and games to give them a break from hospital life, which is not much fun at all.

There is also fun for you too!! As 6th class will be opening stalls at school next term in Week 2 at recess and lunch time on Tuesday and Thursday.

We will have:

The Wheel of Fortune
Friendship bracelets
Bandanas, eye patches and phone cases.
3D Nametag
Cookies and Cakes
Milk Shakes

And much more!!

 Save your pocket money to brighten the lives of sick kids!!

You are allowed to bring in $10 each day the gifts are worth it!!

You can buy wonderful Christmas presents early and help sick kids at the same time!!

Thank you for listening, we look forward to seeing you during our fundraising days next term.