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6th class reflections on Open Day

Some of our 6th class students report on their day...

As soon as I had dropped my bag off it was time to start filling and tying 650 water balloons ready for the big fight. After about half an hour it was time to get ready for singing, but after that it was back to tying. By the time we had tied about 400 balloons our fingers were red raw. It was such a pain! My hands were so cold I couldn t feel them. When the fight started and I saw all those balloons flying, I knew it was worth it and that was my favourite part of Open Day.

Marcus M

My favourite part of Open Day was helping my Mum with the chess stall.  This being my best activity in and out of school hours. My job was Official Chess Raffle Advertiser. As a result of my hard work we had a winner! Niam from Year 5.

Sebastian P

With great stalls, amazing singing and delicious food, this year’s Open Day was better than ever. My favourite activity was working at the apple bobbing stall with my friends. Helping the customers win their apple and coat it in scrumptious toppings felt really great. Everyone had a big smile on their face as they approached and it was good to see so many people eating their prize as we watched the money pile grow! This Open Day stall was so much fun for everybody even the workers.

Scarlett T

At Open Day the year six stalls were what I enjoyed the most. I worked on the Lucky Dip stall and the prizes were so popular that they only lasted two hours!

Amelia  F

What I most enjoyed about the day was the photo booth. I loved it because it is my last year at the fair and it was a great way to preserve the fun I had with friends at the fair. The costumes were a great idea and added extra pleasure and silliness to the photo booth.

Jasmin W

On Open day I liked the year six stalls because they were fun and I loved buying stuff from them. I also loved the photo booth because we could dress up funnily and get our pictures taken.

Dior L


At Open Day I mostly enjoyed the year 6 stalls. I worked on the chubby bunny stall with Rushil and Max. I loved it because everybody who contributed to our game, had a bubbly and determined personality to win the high score for the box of chocolates at the end of the day. Plus I was with my friends and we had a blast! I feel quite sad that this was my last Open Day.

Sophie W

During Open Day, there were a lot of enjoyable things, but selling jellybeans at our stall had to be my overall favorite. Although technically it wasn t a stall, as we strolled around, asking people for a guess, our jellybean business was very fun, and by far the highlight of my Open Day.

Elliot MK

I absolutely loved this year’s Open Day as year six stalls were so much fun as well as an enjoyable educational activity. Running a business was exciting and hardworking because our stall, the wheel of fortune, had sooo many eager customers.

Alexa D

On Open Day I liked the Year 6 stalls; the ones I liked the best were the Heavenly Hair, Wheel of Fortune and Lucky Dip stalls.  They were the best on Open Day.

Jaanvi K