6th class students salute Sanskrit - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

6th class students salute Sanskrit

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I like Sanskrit because…

…it is different to other languages

…it is fun

…it challenges me

…it has beautiful grammar and is extremely helpful for learning other languages. I like the conjugation of verbs in particular

…it is unique
…it is helpful with grammar for other languages and it is an ancient language. It is challenging which is fun.

Pictured below, a dedicated group of eight 6th Class students who sat the prestigious and challenging International Sanskrit Exam at the beginning of November. This exam is set and corrected in London and is a tribute to all the work these children have done in their Primary years of Sanskrit.   Congratulations to Amelia G, Sasha G, William W, Leo G, Callum H, Anikan K, Sean G and Mi Mi P. Well done to you all!