A collaborative approach

It takes a community to raise a child, and children learn best when they are not alone on their journey. Through collaborative learning opportunities within class, to opportunities for students to engage across year levels in our buddy program, our students learn with, and are supported by, each other. 

Likewise, the collective understanding between home and school helps ensure there are no gaps for students and that they are supported at all stages.

Outside the classroom

We are fortunate that our school is nestled in a beautiful local environment and lovely city. We look to take advantage of this during the school day by bringing the learning and playing outside into different environments. 

We also look for rich excursion experiences across Sydney that are linked to the curriculum and bring the experience alive. Our Primary school camps are also a highlight during the year.

Enrichment and Support

As a non-selective school offering a challenging and diverse program we understand that our students may require support or extension in particular areas. 

Our support and enrichment team are there to help students individually, however for the most part they look to work with teachers so they, as the core learning guide, have all the tools available within the class environment. Our practice of students having the same class teacher over a number of years facilitates greater connection and knowledge of the needs of each child.