A Day in the Life

Lower 1st (Kindergarten)

Create, explore, imagine

From the moment they step inside “Cowan House”, our Lower 1st (Kindergarten) students know they are loved and valued.

Lower 1st at John Colet is a place where children are given opportunities to discover, think, laugh and play. It’s where they can take delight in their growing independence and abilities.

There are so many first steps in this initial year: learning to move about the school in a group; learning to have lunch in the dining hall; learning to perform on stage in a Shakespeare play and sing in a choir; learning beautiful words and songs in Sanskrit, an ancient classical language; and learning from their teachers, each other and their ‘buddies’ in the Senior class.

In this Stage they expand and deepen their early experiences of Art, Sport, Singing and movement.  Inquiry based learning underpins the Maths and Literacy programs which are taught in ability groups. 

learning framework

Learning framework

Gentle routines, steady guidance, Values-based learning and academic emphasis

A Lower 1st child’s typical day follows a gentle routine.  Independence is encouraged and children thrive under the steadying guidance of following the daily patterns: greeting the teacher on arrival, coming into the classroom independently, unpacking school bags, pausing between lessons and learning in a mix of group based and independent class work.  

At John Colet School reading is taught primarily through a Phonics approach.  Always our teaching aims to emphasise the pleasure to be found in settling down with a book or story and our skilled teachers use a mix of online and more traditional tools to facilitate a love of Reading and Writing.  There are always opportunities for parents to be involved in volunteering with our Reading and Writing groups and in overseeing homework.

Maths and Science in Lower 1st follow the NSW curriculum and our teachers aim to develop a love of exploring numbers and the physical world around us, and to lay the foundations required to develop lifelong thinking and learning skills.

Much time is given to discussing ideas and our School Values and in promoting children’s natural curiosity and desire to share their experiences. Lower 1st students typically develop a love of performing and an exceptional ability to present their work both orally and in written form. There are many opportunities to express themselves on stage, in our Shakespeare Festivals for example, and in front of their peers in classroom presentations.

healthy eating

Healthy Eating

Lower 1st learn to love healthy food.

Vegetarian, sit down lunches are provided each day to all our students in our dining hall.  Lower 1st children are encouraged to try a range of foods and expand their taste preferences, and we invariably see that over time, children develop a fondness for trying new foods! 

The lunch menu changes weekly and is prepared by a qualified Chef and his team of paid parent helpers.   It is assessed for nutritional value on a regular basis by an outside organization.

Lunch time provides an opportunity for Lower 1st to sit together, pause, serve each other, and enjoy the physical benefits of nutritious food eaten in good company. 

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