A Day in the Life

Upper 1st – Year 2

inquiry based learning

Discover and develop

Stepping up to new challenges

This Stage is a time of much growth and development and John Colet students are encouraged to give their best in every field of school activity. Developing literacy brings a freedom to enter the world of discovery through written words and pictures.  Growing individual skills can find creative expression in the core subjects as well as Art, Dance, Music, Drama and Philosophy.  The finest materials and an imaginative, stimulating delivery promote engagement and enjoyment of learning.

During these years, the children learn to relate positively to peers, adults and the world in general, through the constant and gentle support of the five School Values – Stillness, Truthfulness, Courage, Service and Respect.

Learning framework

Consolidating skills, and becoming bolder in applying them

At John Colet, teachers typically stay with their classes for several years, and we continually see the benefits of this approach in terms of the connection that develops between each student and his or her teacher. 

In Upper 1st – 2nd Class (Year 1 and Year 2) the core subjects are explored through a mix of direct instruction and inquiry-based learning.  Times tables are learnt by heart, as are Spelling lists.  Books (Readers) are sent home and ‘dropping everything to read’ is encouraged! Homework is an opportunity for children to share their class learning with their parents and carers, and to gather information to bring to school to include in group work and/or individual projects.  iPads, Chrome books and whiteboards are incorporated into lessons as appropriate. Oral and presentation skills continue to develop through our Drama lessons and Shakespeare performances, and in the many opportunities for children to speak and listen to their peers in class discussions and Show and Tell style presentations.  Philosophy lessons in these years encourage the children to think about the qualities of being a good friend, what it means to be a good person and how to lead a happy life. 

Giving full attention and developing the ability to focus on the work at hand are actively taught, and children are encouraged to edit and refine their work and to strive to do work that is beautiful, well-presented and pleasing to others.

Every opportunity is taken to explore material across a range of subjects.  This multi-disciplinary approach enables a cross fertilization of ideas and the chance for students to shine in their areas of competency and special interest. 

healthy eating

Healthy eating

Lunchtimes are social times

As the more senior years in Infants, Upper 1st and 2nd Class students enjoy lunches for the social aspect, the opportunity to be of Service and for their expanding food palate.  Our vegetarian sit-down lunches give the Infants classes the chance to eat nourishing meals together, providing the energy they need for lunchtime play and the afternoon’s lessons.   

Looking to enrol?

We currently have some openings in Upper 1st 2022 for girls and welcome enrolment enquiries.