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A year of French

In sixth class you are given the option of continuing to study Sanskrit with Mrs Childs and Mrs Dunn, or to start to learn French. The French classes are taught by Mrs Jasmine Crewe.
In French class you are introduced to the types of French food, French culture, children’s television shows such as ‘Pepa Conchon” (Pepa Pig) and of course most importantly, how to speak the French language.
The French lessons are mainly taught through hands on activities such as matching French words to pictures and other games.
At the beginning of the year you start with greetings and simple sentences. These would be very helpful if you went on a trip to a French speaking country. Following this you move on to learning about colours, food types and eventually start to read simple French books such as La Chenille Qui Fait Des Trous “The Hungry Caterpillar.”
Mrs Crewe makes sure that French classes are always really enjoyable.

Max A-W

The year started with basic linguistics, greetings and numbers. Halfway through the year, we started to warm up to this unusual language and culture, learning more and more while still keeping it fun through games, online websites and much more.
At around Term 3, we started watching Peppa Pig in French, deciphering words and meanings. It was a funny activity to take part in, and I’m sure the rest of my class would agee.
One day I hope to visit France and experience all I have learnt at school. Lastly, I would like to thank our French teacher, Mrs Crewe, for helping us, and giving us knowledge and insight into the French culture and language.

Erik K