After John Colet School

John Colet students go on to attend a variety of high schools. Year after year, our students continue to excel in a variety of selective high schools, GPS and other independent schools as well as systemic Catholic schools. The curriculum at John Colet prepares the children well for the academic side of secondary education, as well as the social challenges that the next stage of education can often bring. Our students are welcomed at high schools because of their reputation for emotional maturity, academic application and generosity of spirit.

The solid foundations of a good junior schooling, the personal care which they have enjoyed and the genuine values which they have acquired, generally make John Colet graduates capable and confident, ready for the wider world. In terms of measurable success rates, we are proud that we often have up to 50% of our 6th class children either gaining entry to selective high schools or winning prestigious and highly competitive scholarships to independent senior schools.

Since its founding in 1985, a whole generation of John Colet students has now finished tertiary education and training and these young adults have begun careers as varied as the John Colet educational experiences they first enjoyed. There are economists and educationalists; accountants and lawyers; nurses and teachers. They study everything from aeronautical engineering to opera singing. One thing our alumni do have in common is the affection they hold for John Colet School. A remarkable number of them come back for Open Days, the Shakespeare Festival and similar occasions. It is a testament to the happy and strong start in life that the school gave these young people.

One of our aims for our graduates is that they will have "a life lived in service".

Our hope is that John Colet School graduates will be well-rounded people, with enquiring minds, warm hearts and vigorous spirits, who are able to take their place in the world with confidence, ability and with a strong moral framework.