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Alumni Catch-up: Alex Ladomatos

Alumni Catch-up:  Alex Ladomatos - image Alex-Lado-in-Action-Frisbee on

This week’s alumni catch-up guest is Alex Ladomatos, who you may recognise from the sports fields of John Colet as he works with us part-time on Fridays assisting Mr Roslin and Mrs Keating.

Alex joined JCS half way through Lower First in 1999 and he had Mrs McKendrick as a teacher all the way through.

The school doubled in size while I was here. There were nine in my class in Lower First, then 20 in 3rd class, then 15 graduated with me in 2005.

Alex went on to North Sydney Boys and from there, Sydney University. In his first year at uni, he did International Studies (being good at French), and then got into his true vocation; Physiotherapy.

Now in the third year of a four-year degree, Alex says he absolutely loves it.

I like working in a communicative environment, that’s why I enjoy sport, interacting one-on-one or with a team, and that’s what appeals to me about physio.

Alex is currently in the under 23 Australian Ultimate Frisbee Team, The Goannas , and toured with them to the World Championships in 2013 and will go again this year to London. He describes the AIS-recognised sport of Ultimate Frisbee as being a bit like seven a side, netball and soccer all rolled into one .

Ultimate is a limited-contact team field sport played with a frisbee.  You get points by passing the disc to a teammate in the opposing end zone. You can t run with the disk, but you can intercept throws and it’s very fast and physical .  See some great photos of Alex and others in action here.

Alex credits being part of the School of Philosophy’s Group for teenagers during his high school years for reinforcing the ethos of John Colet School.

It helped in the transition to a really big high school, just to have that contact with John Colet friends. Unfortunately uni and Frisbee have got in the way time wise, so I m not a member right now.

I learnt a lot of social stuff and life skills at JCS because here there is a chance to focus on those things from a young age, he says.

And his colleagues here at JCS agree. Says Mr Roslin:

Alex Ladomatos is presently working for the school as a sports coach. He is an excellent coach, with a wonderful understanding and approach to the work. He is reliable, committed, and knowledgeable and has a friendly but firm manner that demands the respect of the children.

I think Alex has an advantage in that having previously been a student at the School he has a deep and meaningful understanding of the needs of John Colet School.