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Alumni Catch-up: Maya Skidmore

Alumni Catch-up:  Maya Skidmore - image Maya-with-artwork on

Maya Skidmore, who graduated JCS in 2008, and completed her HCS last year at St Luke s, is currently working hard to save money for her travels in May this year.

She is going to be a Gap student with our sister school St James in London, and use the time to travel around Europe.

Maya did Visual Arts for HSC and says the theme she chose for her major work was very much informed by her time here at John Colet.

I’ve always remembered The Seven Ages of Man (the monologue from William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, Act II Scene VII) since we did it one year for Shakespeare. I wanted to show how it’s still relevant today. I did a series of pastel portraits of 21st century women, from a range of settings and societies, to show how women can still be players or victims of our roles.

Maya has been accepted into Journalism at UTS and Arts/Law at Macquarie, so she’s weighing up a tough decision and will start one or the other in 2016.

In the meantime, she is working in restaurants and doing HSC tutoring in English. She is also available for babysitting and/or homework help, so do help her out with some work if you can before she leaves.

Maya’s sister Roxana is currently in 6th class at JCS and her brother Rafe, who also came here, is at Glenaeon.