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Alumni catch-up: Rafe Skidmore

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Stick a Smile ( is a not-for-profit initiative that aims to make the world a happier place through empowering people with the act of smiling.

It’s the brainchild of John Colet School graduate, Rafe Skidmore.

We distribute free stickers with quotes reminding people to smile written on them, to anyone who asks. These people in turn distribute those stickers to loved ones, or strangers, or they stick them somewhere people will see them!

I’ve always disliked how there is so much unhappiness and hatred in our world and I sought to change this somehow. So I thought up the idea of stick a smile.

People can get involved by contacting us at: where they can ask for free stickers and be involved with the movement!

I’m loving high school at Glenaeon.  I have a great group of friends which I’m very close to and school is really enjoyable because of it. My subjects are: Physics, Mathematics, English (Advanced), Extension 1 English, Modern History, Software Design and Development and Music 2. I don’t work part-time but rather when I’m not doing schoolwork I work on stick a smile.

My fondest memories of my time at JCS were those when I felt as part of a community where everyone knows everyone. Those were the most special times now looking back. Such as at the Sports Carnival or just passing people in hallways and saying ‘hi!’ Those are the memories I cherish the most.

The main thing I took from my time at JCS was that of questioning the world around me. In a world where people live by the status quo, John Colet told me to question my surrounds, question and see what truly is right for me and the people that surround me. So in summary, learning how to think critically is the biggest thing I took from my time at JCS.

Thanks Rafe!  Keep smiling.

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