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Alumni catch-up: Sally Youdale

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Throughout my years at John Colet, from Lower First in 2000 to Head Girl in 2006, I gained many lasting friendships, fond memories and valuable lessons. One specific example which springs to mind would be Philosophy lessons, often taught by Mr Mane, the Headmaster at the time.

Mr Mane was an excellent teacher, with many stories to tell and jokes to be had, he was easily distractible, and so a lot of fun could be had in Philosophy. His lessons, for me, however, did spark an early interest in philosophical inquiry into mind, consciousness, knowledge and experiences.
Although this interest was fostered during my time at John Colet, it continued throughout high school at Brigidine College St Ives, and into my time at Macquarie University.

Now, I find myself having completed a Bachelor of Science – Psychology. I consider Psychology somewhat a sibling of Philosophy in that it is an empirical science that seeks to understand, analyse and explain the workings of the brain and the neurological processes which underlie thought, experience, perception etc.

I am specifically interested in Child and Neuropsychology. Consequently, I am taking this year off from Uni to focus on completing a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, before heading back to complete my Honours in Psychology, and then hopefully my Masters as well.

Congratulations on all you’ve achieved so far, Sally!

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