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An invitation to the Board of Governors’ reception

7.30 p.m. MacLaren Hall 20th February 2015

Every year the Members of the Board of Governors hold a Reception at the beginning of the year  to welcome the new parents to the School, and also to provide the opportunity for established parents to greet them.  It is also an occasion where members of the school community can meet Members of the Board, and also others of the teaching and administrative staff with whom they do not regularly interact.

The opportunity is taken for brief addresses from the Chairman of the Board, the Headmaster and Treasurer to introduce themselves, and say a few words about any relevant current situation.  A representative of the Parents and Friends also makes a brief presentation.

Food and drinks are served by School office bearers, and also sometimes by members of the School Alumni.  The reception often follows class meetings with teachers, to make it doubly worth coming!  It begins at 7.30on Friday 20th February and finishes by about 9.00 p.m.