An update from Upper First - image  on

An update from Upper First

An update from Upper First - image upper-first-dance-and-sing on

Last week the students made their own plasticine ‘pets’, along with the food and shelter they need, as part of their studies on living things.  School parent Ms Halloway, a vet, had come in to give a talk about animal needs, and the students had done a science work sheet on the needs of living things.

Parents Mr and Mrs Mu also visited 2nd class this week with a traditional Chinese New Year cake for the children to try during playtime. This fitted in nicely to the HSIE unit of work on Celebrations, which also is looking at indigenous celebrations and beliefs.

Maths this week has been about numbers and patterns. The students found patterns occurring in the playground, in fencing, on benches and in the climbing frames, for example. They drew their patterns and looked at what makes a repeating pattern.

In writing, the children are doing a unit of work on the book “Koala lou”. They wrote an information report on koalas, learnt to draw koalas and looked at the grammar used in the text.

In Art with Mrs Gadsby and Mrs Fox, they have studied aboriginal basket weaving and Chinese paper dragons.

In Sport, the boys have been learning cricket and the girls T ball, as well as other games.

In PDHPE, they are doing Bounce Back work on developing resilience, in particular focusing on the school value courage .

The children also visited the Healthy Harold van this week and learnt about water safety, who they can go to for help, care about medicines and the main organs of the human body. Whew!