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Big steps in Lower 1st

action shot getting bags on

In Lower 1st, we are encouraging the children to come into the classrooms on their own at the start of the school day. We are encouraging them to be independent by hanging up and unpacking their own bags and coming into the classroom or walking to the playground.

The letters we looked at this week were Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx and Yy.

In Science we constructed 4 different types of clouds (cirrus, stratus, cumulus and cumlonimbus) using cotton wool.  Our buddies helped us with this activity.  in Maths we looked at different words for subtraction: take and away and minus.  In History we talked abouty Aboriginal dreamtime stories and how we pass stories from one generation to another generation.  We looked at the dreamtime story of Tiddalick the frog.

Another great week of learning in Lower 1st!