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Book week a big week

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Our Book Week theme continued this week. Children chose and prepared presentations on their current reading. Upper 1st (Year 1) for example, has had some excellent book reviews so far with books about Mother Theresa , Malala Yousafzai Story , Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, a Chinese Joke Book and more. Here Aden is sharing images from his book, projected onto the Whiteboard.

Upper 1st have also been learning about Mass comparing, estimating and measuring mass/weight. In science they have been looking at the changing states of matter.  In History they have been sharing artifacts and comparing shops of long ago with shops now. They have also been letter writing, learning about punctuation and sentence structure, and in Philosophy / Health they have been talking about the courage to face challenges, what a Growth Mindset is and how it can expand our view and help us be inspired by others.