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Bright start to the new chess year at John Colet

I am so excited about the John Colet Chess Club in 2015 and would like to extend an invitation to all the students to join.  We plan to continue to build upon our success of recent years.  With the blessing of the school, Our Chessmaster Miro Nowak, Clare J and I have big plans for the year ahead.  

There will be no increase in fees for 2015.  Beginners and Transistion classes are $5 per class and Intermediate and Seniors are $10 per class.  More information about how to pay via Trybooking or bank transfer will be in next weeks newsletter.

We have a new space, in what last year was Mrs Navidi’s classroom (Colet House 1)  Next to the teacher’s workroom.

Senior Chess Club will start back in Week 1 on Friday morning at 7.20am, that is the 30th of January

Beginners and Transistion on Wednesday the 4th  and Intermediate classes on Monday afternoon the 2nd.

Can children please bring a wallet style folder to each class to store their homework.

Unless I have personally contacted you, the children attend the following classes:

  • Any interested children from Lower 1st will commence with the Beginners class at Wednesday recess.
  • Upper 1st children who played chess last year will remain in ‘Beginners until week 3 at least when we shall advise of movements to the Transition class at Wednesday lunch.
  • 2nd class children in Transition will remain there.
  • 3rd class (or any new children in the Primary classes) will attend the Intermediate class on Monday afternoon after school.
  • Children already in the Intermediate class will remain there unless they have been contacted by Miro or myself.
  • Any Infants children brand new to chess must first join the Beginners class at Wednesday recess.  

Our first Tournament of the year will be coming up in March at Mona Vale.

Happy New School Year!

Simone P
Chess Club Manager
At the end of the game the King and the Pawn go back in the same box
[Italian Proverb]