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Bush Tucker working bee

JCS and  Garden Club have a grant from Coles Junior LandCare to create a bush tucker garden. 
We have approval to use the pizza shape rock garden just below Lower First. This is currently filled with lots of spiky leafed grasses and native plants.

School parent Eliza M has kindly designed a lovely space, with bush tucker plants that are suited to our climate, and are child friendly, ie: not too large and spiky!

After a long winter, we are keen to get moving on the Bush Tucker Garden.
We need some able-bodied parents to help us dig out the plants and prepare the bed for planting. Then the Garden Club kids can plant the bush tucker themselves during class.
It’s not a large space (5x8m wedge), so should only take two or three hours on a weekend. Please help so we can get this started this term! It will look lovely when completed.

I know that all John Colet parents are very busy on weekends; but if you can spare a couple of hours we would really appreciate it!
The potential weekends when I am available are:

  • Sunday August  23
  • Saturday or Sunday August 28, 29
  • Possibly 11 or 12 September

You can bring the kids, and we will have either morning or afternoon tea, depending on what time people can come. Please contact Linda to advise what days or times are best for you.