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Special Features of John Colet School

The advantages of John Colet School can be seen it its genuine care for the whole child – the academic, cultural, physical, moral and spiritual dimensions.


Ambitious academic content is delivered in a structured and methodical way. We use traditional learning methods, with careful explanations. The school addresses the concerns of parents who want a clear, sequenced curriculum and careful selection of first-rate texts.

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We introduce the children to the creative arts, classical and modern languages and to the cultural heritages of Western and Eastern civilizations. Our annual Shakespeare Festivals are a vigorous expression of the cultural dimension of a John Colet education.


In accordance with our published policy on healthy food, a hot, freshly prepared, vegetarian lunch is provided daily, which is eaten at tables where table manners and service to others are encouraged. The school enjoys the advantages of a bush setting and fresh air and sport and physical activities are well graded for the age of the child.


John Colet is a family school where parents and teachers combine to give children a firm basis of values and a clear understanding of right and wrong. The daily meeting between the child and the teacher, symbolized by the courtesy of a hand shake, expresses an important partnership.  The teacher moves with the same class for a number of years. The understanding developed makes the teacher an adult guide for the child's character and developing moral compass.


The spiritual dimension of a human being is given due recognition. There is a genuine attempt to give children a background in the spiritual systems of both Western and Eastern cultures. The children pause between lessons. They sit still and let their minds and hearts come to rest. This is a well-tried teaching aid which concentrates children's attention and gives a break from the ceaseless activity of life.  And it is a reminder of the power of a moment's meditation and prayer, which are supports for a child's whole life.