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Chess - brief wrap up from Mona Vale Comp

Our A team (Thomas, Hayden and Aiden) came 5th at Mona Vale comp this week, and our B team (Kai, Eshaan and Saurav) came 3rd.  Also, the D team did exceptionally well coming in 8th with Siddhartha, Samuel and Dominic in the team. 
For the individuals, Hayden came 3rd with 7.8/8 points and Kai came first with a perfect score of 8/8.
We brought a trophy back and the B team has been invited to the Finals later this year.

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Latin Lessons in Term 4

Tuesday Morning Latin Year 2 and Year 4: There will be no Latin on Tuesday 19th September due the Sports Carnival.
Tuesday morning classes for both Year 2 and Year 4, will resume in Week 2 Term 4 on the 17th October.
Jasmine Crewe and Judith Donald

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Mandarin classes at John Colet enrolling now for Term 4

Term 4 starts 10th October, ends 29th November 2017 (8 weeks)
Tuesday class: 3:15 pm– 4:30 pm (for students who speak Mandarin at home)
Wednesdays class 3:15 pm – 4:30 pm (for non-Chinese background students)
Classroom Location:
Tuesday class: Shakespeare 3 (upstairs)                      Wednesday class: Shakespeare Room 2
Fees: $180 for the term. Siblings and children of John Colet School staff receive 30% discount ($126).
Students who are new to our Mandarin class can try a lesson free of charge.

About Lotus Mandarin program:
Lotus Mandarin (Lotus Chinese Community Language School Inc. IBN ID: 659) is one of approved community language schools through NSW Department of Education’s CLSP Program.  Lotus Mandarin program is delivered in an interactive and fun way, engaging our students with topics and themes that captivate them. Students learn listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also introduce culture components to our students:
  • General knowledge of Chinese traditions and customs;
  • Chinese calligraphy, ink painting, tea culture, martial arts and crafts;
  • Appreciation of classical Chinese poetry and music, etc.

Talk to our Mandarin teacher to find out more.

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Chess win

Congratulations and well done to Eshaan H, Thomas J, Kai C, Ramakrishna B and Leo P who represented John Colet School and came First overall in the Semifinals of the interschool chess tournament at Baulkham Hills North Public School. Kai also came 6th overall. Unfortunately they can not attend the finals as they will be on camp.

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Chess leaders

We now have a new leadership position at the school in the form of Chess Monitors.  Aidan H and Thomas J have been playing chess at John Colet for many years. As the Chess Club continues to grow in size and ability, two new leadership positions have been created to assist in the running of chess and also to provide further leadership opportunities with the vast array of clubs provided at John Colet.
Thomas and Aidan have been chosen for the role based on their commitment and passion for Chess.

Meanwhile in other chess news, congratulations to our Senior Chess Team who won 11 out of 12 games last week in the Junior Chess League’s Primary Schools Competition. The teams travelled to Belrose Public and St.Augustines and we also hosted Mona Vale at JCS. We entered one team in the Rookies, Intermediate and Championship levels.
The competition runs on Friday afternoons for most of Term 2. Thank you to the parents who helped to transport the children and all the support they give the teams.

Jasmine Crewe

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Gardening Club Assistance - Success!


Good news for the young gardeners at John Colet.  Our long-standing Choir Accompanist, Mrs. Beatrice Rankin has taken up the position of assistant to Mrs. Rutherford at the Gardening Club on Fridays.  She read the impassioned  plea in last week’s Weekly Note on Friday afternoon, jumped straight into her car, and drove to John Colet in time to work with Mrs. Rutherford on that very day!
She is a very keen gardener with a large garden of her own, and we can look forward to her regular support. 
One never knows whence help will come!

Judith Donald
Infants Mistress

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Young Yogis update

The Yoga Club is up and running again at John Colet and we had a wonderful group of enthusiastic young yogis attending the first class on Wednesday.

Yoga with children offers many possibilities to exchange wisdom, share good times, and lay the foundation for, hopefully, a lifelong practice.

The children showcased great manners and respect towards each other as a group where the ages varied. They were taught proper breathing, basically abdominal breathing rather than chest breathing, which has many health benefits.

We also went through about 15 various yoga poses, which will set a good foundation for the rest of the program this term.

We do have 5 spots still if other students are interested to join.

Throughout the 8-week program we will employ ecology, anatomy, nutrition, and life lessons that echo yogic principles of interdependence, oneness, and fun.

Most of all, our program engages the entire mind, body, and spirit in a way that honours the ways children learn.

Email: Pia O'Connor to enrol This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Chess at John Colet School in 2017


A reminder that Chess Club starts in Week 2. Please note Chess is now run by the school and not parent volunteers. Please direct all enquiries to Mrs Jasmine Crewe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – The old email is no longer operational. The timetable is the same as last year, please note some classes have changed names:
Primary Chess (3rd class to 6th class)
Time:  3:10-4:10pm.  Cost:  $85
Location: D7
Lower First Chess
Time: 10:10-10:40am. Cost: $45
Location: Lower First rooms in Top House   
Infants Chess (1st Class and 2nd Class)
Time: 12:25 – 12:50pm. Cost: $45
Location: Chisholm 2 (1B classroom)
Senior Chess (for experienced players and by invitation only)
Time: 7.20am – 8.20am. Cost: $95    
Location: Shakespeare 3 (4K classroom)
To enrol, please do so online using the  website link in the school newsletter:

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Lotus Mandarin at John Colet School

Mandarin Class 2017 – Term 1 enrolment starts now:
Term 1 starts 8th Feb, ends 29th March 2017 (8 weeks)
Class time: Wednesday 3:00 pm– 5:00 pm (2 hrs incl. 15mins break)
Class Level: Beginner to Elementary
Fee: We offer discounted fee of $125 for 2017 Term 1. In addition, siblings and children of John Colet School staff receive 30% discount.
Classroom Location: Shakespeare 2

About Lotus Mandarin program:
Using “Board of Studies NSW Chinese Language Syllabus” (link: http://www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/syllabus_sc/pdf_doc/chinese_k10_syllabus.pdf) as guidance, Lotus program is delivered in an interactive and fun way, engaging our students with topics and themes that captivate them. So students will enjoy learning and be inspired to learn Mandarin now and in the future.

Students learn listening, speaking, reading and writing Mandarin through fun activities such as singing, games, role play, crafts and interactive video programs on smart board (if smart board is provided by host school). We also introduce culture components to our students:
 Classical Chinese arts, such as Chinese calligraphy and ink painting;
 Appreciation of classical Chinese poetry and music;
 General knowledge of Chinese traditions and customs, etc.

Our students also have the opportunity to participate in the National Chinese Eisteddfod competition held once a year by The Chinese Language Education Council.

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Young Yogis 2017

John Colet School will be offering students an 8-week program in term 1 2017 that will provide benefits beyond the yoga mat!
The physical benefits of yoga are the same for children as they are for adults. Yoga provides increased strength, flexibility, energy, improved balance, and coordination. These physical attributes will serve your child well should they chose to participate in any sport or dance.

Participation in yoga practice actually leads to a higher level of performance and aids in injury prevention; however, the health benefits of yoga go far beyond strength and flexibility. Dedicated yoga practitioners can speak to the appreciable emotional and mental health benefits of the practice; yoga reduces stress and anxiety, increases self-acceptance and mind-body connection, and improves concentration.

More specific ways Yoga can help children:
•    Increase their muscle tone and develop muscle co-ordination
•    Develop body awareness
•    Balances the functions of the right and left hemispheres of the brain
•    Improves balance and concentration
•    Injury preventative
•    Develops greater awareness of how the body functions (particularly the
   lungs) and the difference between relaxation and activity within the body.
•    Gives them a method for releasing pent up emotional and mental states
   of mind.
•    Introduces the ability to focus the mind and improves concentration and
   study skills
•    On a more subtle level I have found children to be more aware of the power
   of their minds and of positive thinking. Over time this can help develop a
   more caring attitude to others.
This program is suitable for any students in years 1-6. Sessions are 45 mins and the cost is $80 per student. All material included.
The YOGA program will commence on Wednesday 8th of February 2017 at 3:15-4pm.

Sessions are held by Pia O’Connor, founder and teacher of Young Yogis
http://www.youngyogis.com.au. With over ten years of yoga experience and formal training done in Australia, India and Sweden, Pia’s major life-passion is to share the many benefits of yoga and thrive on helping students work to their limits and beyond.

TO BOOK: contact Pia through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will provide an en enrolment form and payment details.

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JCS Primary Chess Competition wrap up

JCS Primary Chess Competition smaller

Recently we held our School's Annual Primary Chess Competition.  Fifty nine Children competed, 30 of whom are not active members of the School's Chess Club.  Overall, 13 were from Year 3, 17 from Year 4, 13 from Year 5 and 16 from Year 6.   They all played 7 Chess Matches each.  Tim Priest our Sydney Academy of Chess Coach of our Senior class presided over the competition.  Nine competitors have official chess ratings.  Besides myself and Tim, Leo G, Mi Mi P and Daniel S also assisted as Arbiters, if their matches were completed.  In between matches the children went outside to play.
The trophies and prizes were as follows:  
1st - Leo G (6R) 6/7
2nd - Mi Mi P (6C) 6/7
3rd - Saurav H (4J) 5.5/7
4th - Eshaan H(4D) 5.5/7
5th - Daniel S (6R)  5.5/7
In 6th place and Best 6th grader - Callum H (6R) 5.5/7
Best 5th grader - Caly H (5T) 4/7
Best 4th grader - Ramakrishna B (4D) 4/7
In 9th place and Best 3rd grader - Morgan A-J (3K) 4.5/7
In 10th place 3rd Grader Victoria M (3S) 4.5/7  - Girls Prize
Leo G will be presented with the School Chess Champion Trophy on Speech Night.
Children on the same points are separated by a complex algorithm which looks at the difficulty of each of the opponents that they faced. Amongst our medal winners only Caly from Year 5 is not in the Club.  
I feel I should give a special mention to Rory M (6R) from our Intermediate Class who has shown amazing improvement in his game this year and had a great day, scoring 5 points to come 7th Overall.  The best performance from a student who has not been active in the Chess Club for the last couple of years was William W who scored 4.5 points and came 10th Overall.
Tim was very impressed by the spirit in which the tournament was played, especially the generosity of the more able players towards their opponents.
Special Thanks to Mrs Renshaw who hosted the event in her Classroom and supervised along with Miss Cipollone and later Mrs Dunn and also Mrs Tomicki who let us take her desks and chairs and Mrs Moor who was understanding about the children arriving a little late to lunch. And also to Mr Wilcock who came along to present the Trophies and Medals.
Quite a few children from outside the Club spoke to me about how much they enjoyed it and about how they could get involved in the Club next year. I would encourage you to have conversations with your children about Chess Club over the summer and maybe even give them a chance to play 'in-person' or online.  If you need any recommendations please do not hesitate to contact me.
More Photos of the event and information about the Club can be found on our Closed Facebook Group "John Colet School Chess Club"
Yours in Chess, Simone

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Infants Chess Comp a big hit!

Infants Chess Winners smaller

This morning was our Annual Infants Chess Tournament - open to Upper 1st and 2nd Class children.  We had 25 children registered, which was wonderful.  Tim Priest from Sydney Academy of Chess - who is our Coach for our Senior Chess Class, ran the competition very efficiently and informatively.  It was run using the Swiss Perfect system, as per any official tournament.  All of the children played with Chess Clocks and learnt how to read the 'Draw' and the results and also about the chess etiquette for tournaments.    

Some of the 2nd class Children had been in the tournament last year, and a small number of other children had other compeition experience, but we also had a lot of first-timers.  The energy and enthusiasm was contagious and the spirit in which they played five matches of Chess was incredible - such great focus for such young children. One Upper 1st child was heard to exclaim after the second Round of the tournament "I am having so much fun! This is my first ever Chess Tournament in my life!"

After five rounds of Chess the winner was Siddhartha B with a perfect score of 5/5, followed very closely in second by Ella H on 4.5 and Dominic S on 4 - all from 2nd Class.  They were presented their trophies by Mrs Donald, who's support during the tournament was instrumental in its smooth running.  Other special 'Smiggle' rewards were given to Finlay S who tied for 4th and was the strongest performer from Upper 1st.  Also in 4th was Ava H from year 2, then Jackson M (2nd class) and Jasmine E (Upper 1st).  Awards were also given to Sachin K and Duke C for their sportsmanship and enthusiasm during the Tournament.  Siddhartha will be presented with the Perpetual Infants Chess Trophy on Speech Night.

Next Friday we will run our Primary Chess Tournament, which is open to Chess Club members and other children competent at Chess.  Please encourage your Chess enthusiasts to pass on their interest to their teachers.

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Chess Competition update

Leo during a match smaller

On Wednesday the Chess Club's top 5 players represented the school at Sydney Academy of Chess' Interschool Chess Challenge Semi-Final which was held at The International French School in Maroubra. The team included Daniel S (6R), Leo G (6R), Mi Mi P (6C), Thomas J (5T) and Kai P (6C). 
The children played 7 matches each. 107 Primary Children participated from 15 schools. The top 3 schools progressed to the Finals, tieing on 21 points. We came 6th on 18.5 points. Leo G was our stand out performer winning 5 matches and coming 9th overall. Kai also won 5 matches and came 16th. Thomas won 4.5 points and Daniel and Mi Mi 4 points each. 
The winning schools were 1st Neutral Bay, 2nd Woolhara and 3rd Summer Hill. Mona Vale came 4th by half a point. 
The children were all beautifully behaved and maintained a positive attitude throughout. 
Coming up in Term 4 we have the Primary and Infants School competitions which non- club members are also welcome to register for, as well as a Northern Beaches Tournament up at Mona Vale.

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Young chess players up for the challenge

In last week's Chess News I foreshadowed a good result for our Junior Rookies Team (K-3), who have played a 9 round Chess Competition in the Manly Warringah Zone.  10 schools from as far North as Newport down to Forestville's OLGC and including St Lukes Grammar and Oxford Falls Grammar competed in Home and Away games.  John Colet hosted the matches 5 times during Term 2.   Our Team were leading by only half a point going into their match last Friday afternoon.  Proud mum Mariana, of our Team Leader Leo P (3K) took them along to Wheeler Heights PS, where Victoria M (3S) our Reserve, filling in for Dominic S (Year 2) got a quick Checkmate, followed by Samuel J (Year 2) and Siddhartha (Year 2).  Leo had a tough challenge on Board 1 but managed to come away with a Draw, meaning that we took 3.5 pts from the match up.  It was a tense wait to see how Newport B had done against Manly Vale, but in the end the result was a tie for First Place.  A fantastic result for this young team. Both Leo and Siddhartha were unbeaten - drawing just one match and winning all others.  Victoria played two matches as Reserve and won both.  This wonderful result bodes well for the future of our Chess Club.  
Yours in Chess, Simone P

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