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Game on in chess

Hello Chess Enthusiasts!
John Colet Chess Competition

The Annual Primary and Infants Chess competitions will be taking place in November (just after Shakespeare week).

o   Infants Competition: Mon 3rd Nov. 2014, 9.30-12.30

o   Primary Competition: Wed 5th Nov. 2014, 9.30-12.30

Numbers for each competition will be capped at 40. Children in the Chess Club will have the first opportunity to enrol and then the remaining spots will be open to any student from Upper First to Year 6.

The competition will consist of 5-6 rounds and run on the ‘Swiss Formula’ system. This means that each child will play every round as there no knock-out rounds.

The children can nominate themselves by informing their class teacher as soon as possible. The entries will be capped, so it will be first-in, first-served!

Chess Fees

The fees for this term are now due. To pay for the chess classes, please click here

Even better - you no longer need to fill in a form!!

2015 Chess Co-ordinator

This is my final year as Chess Co-ordinator and it has been an absolute privilege to organise this amazing chess club for the last 3½ years. I am delighted to announce that from next year, Simone Pietschner will be taking over as Co-ordinator and Clare Jeffries will continue as Treasurer.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Yours strategically,

Heather B & Simone P
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Teasing seedlings

Hello and welcome to the last garden club note for term 3. 
The weather has certainly kept us on our toes this term, but the garden club have rallied! 

Last week we planted some seedlings around the teepee. Theresa showed us all how to gently 'tease' the enmeshed roots to separate the seedlings. Many had been pot -bound.

Cassie became our expert 'teaser' before the small plants were dunked in the wheelbarrow in a pungent solution of blood and bone, and seaweed. Some of us went home ponging a bit, too!

The kids really enjoyed it, and today we have more seedlings to plant and hopefully time to plant some seeds and nurture them over the break.

Garden Club will continue next term on Fridays, as that is the best day for Theresa. She is a wonderful teacher and knows a lot about organic gardening!

Next year we can look at having Garden Club on a different day.

Classes are open to book on Here is the link.

Please come along and support the garden club. It was set up for the children and the school and is at the same low price of $10 per child this term.

I am also looking for a few garden helpers to help Theresa this term, as Carlo and I have to head off to sport on Friday afternoons and won't be able to stay every Friday.

Please email me if you can come along for one or more Fridays. It all helps!

We are looking to expand the garden with a bush tucker garden and perhaps some fruit trees. It would be great if this can be organised to coincide with the next Sunday working bee. Any suggestions and help please contact me.

Linda Zanella

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Chess coaching business by students

Sean and Ryan are running their own chess coaching business as part of the 6th class  kid-preneur business in a back pack challenge. 

All the money raised by 6th class students will go to Bear Cottage and World Vision, the two charities the students voted for.

The children are making different things to offer and sell such as jewellery, headbands, key rings, bags and airbrush tattoos.

Ryan and Sean are offering chess tutoring with our Chess coach Miro’s support. 

  6th class will have two selling days in Term 4: Wednesday 15th and Friday 17th of October.

The items will be available for other students to buy on the selling days.  More details about prices etc will be provided closer to the date, so parents will know how much money they should send in with their children.

Mrs Dunn has been coordinating this with the students with the help of Club Kidpreneur, a not-for-profit social enterprise inspiring primary aged children to become more entrepreneurial and use the power of business as a force for good.



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Handmade pencil cases by 6th class

Three 6th class girls, Gaby, Brigitte and Jaanavi, have finished their second project, a pencil case, in Mrs Donald's Tuesday sewing group. They are made from tapestries worked by the girls, who chose the designs.


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John Colet in top 4 at Interschool Chess Challenge!

Regional Finals a 'who's who' of chess

Hello Chess Enthusiasts!

Interschool Chess Challenge: Semi - Finals
The 2014 Interschool Chess challenge has been running heats across NSW since March. John Colet School competed at the North Sydney Heat in June and progressed to the local Semi-Final which was held in Harbord last Friday. It was a “who’s who” of Chess teams from across the Northern Beaches and the North Shore as this is one of the strongest regions in NSW.

Our fabulous team competed against very worthy opponents and performed fantastically. They finished in 4th place with 17.5 points. Sadly, only the top 3 schools progress to the State Final - we were so close!

A massive congratulations to the following students on their focus, fantastic sportsmanship and their success - Ryan B (6/7 points and 4th place overall), Xavier S, Brigitte S, Nathan C and Lucas v de S.

Yours strategically,

Heather B

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Chess results for John Colet teams

Hello Chess Enthusiasts!

I have the final results of the Primary Schools Chess Competition (a.k.a. Friday afternoon Competition!) for our region.  The members of the John Colet Chess Club have done an amazing job representing their school.

The final standings are as follows:

John Colet A (Championship Division MW1) – TIED EQUAL 2nd!
Jarod C, Ryan B, Xavier S, Sean B
-    This would be the closest finish in years.  Only ½ POINT separated the top 3 schools!! This division is always hotly contested as it consists of the very best chess teams across the Northern Beaches.  

John Colet B (Championship Division MW1) – 5th PLACE!  (possibly 4th pending the results of 2 schools)
Dominic S, Nathan C, Brigitte S, Lucas v de S, (Res) Daniel S
-    The B team also competed in the above Championship division.  Interestingly, they were the only team in the tournament to ‘beat’ the overall winners during the 9 weeks.
-    There was only 2.5 points between the winners and the B team.
John Colet C (Intermediate Division MW2) – 2nd PLACE!
Daniel S, Thomas J, Harry P, MiMi P, (Res) Patrick H
-    This team was strong and steady throughout this division.  Great news for the future of the Chess Club!!   

And as I reported a couple of weeks ago:

John Colet D (Rookie Division MW4) – DIVISION WINNERS!
Kai P, Liam McW, Sean G, Paul D & (Res) Rahul K

John Colet E (Junior Rookie Division MW5) – EQUAL 2nd PLACE!
Ramakrishna B, Michael T, Aidan H, Isabella G & (Res) Siddhartha B, (Res) Saskia T

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all of these students.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Managers of each of the teams: Jen M, Coral C, Melissa P, Simone P & Helen L and to the parents who helped out with driving and the afternoon tea at the home games.  It is impossible for me to manage this tournament without you all and so I am extremely grateful for your assistance.

One Day Interschool Chess Challenge
Today (Friday 1 August) 5 Senior members of the chess club; Lucas v de S, Nathan C, Ryan B, Xavier S and Brigitte S will be competing in the Semi-Finals of the Interschool Chess Challenge. We all wish them the best of luck.  I shall report their results next week.

Yours strategically,
Heather B
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Chess round up - great results

Hello Chess Enthusiasts!

The members of the John Colet Chess Club have been very busy competing in Chess tournaments lately. We have some fantastic results to report.

Primary Schools Team Competition

During Terms 2 & 3, five teams have been competing in the Primary Schools Chess Competition on Fridays after school. This is a state-wide competition divided up into country and metropolitan zones.

For our two youngest teams the final standings are as follows:

John Colet D (Rookie Division MW4) – DIVISION WINNERS!

Kai P, Liam McW, Sean G, Paul D & (Res) Rahul K

-          This team was strong and steady from the first week and they were clear winners with 24 out of a possible 28 points!

John Colet E (Junior Rookie Division MW5) – EQUAL 2nd PLACE!

Ramakrishna B, Michael T, Aidan H, Isabella G & (Res) Siddhartha B, (Res) Saskia T

-          This young team had some strong opposition but were consistent throughout the competition. Only 2 points separated the top 3 teams.

The John Colet A, B & C team still have 2 weeks left in their competition – I shall report back the final result in a couple of weeks.

One Day Interschool Chess Challenge

In the first week of the holidays, eight Senior members of the Chess Club represented John Colet in a one-day Individual tournament. The children each played 7 games of chess and the top four results were added together to provide a team score.

As a result John Colet came 3rd (only ½ point separated 1st and 3rd) which means the top 5 students will progress to the Semi Final.

All the students produced fantastic results but the following top scorers helped the school to achieve another tremendous result!

Lucas v de S = 6 points (2nd place out of 68 students)

Nathan C = 5 points

Ryan B = 5 points

Xavier S = 5 points

Brigitte S = 4.5 points

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all of the above students.

Yours strategically,
Heather B

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Bold performances in our first semester

The John Colet Choir has many new members this semester.  The children have been singing repertoire including unison, fugue and part singing.  Much of the repertoire was prepared for performance at Open Day. The repertoire has been difficult and required the children to continue to develop their understanding of their voice through the exploration of vocal colours appropriate to the repertoire. 

Repertoire has included the fugue-like Jubilate (attrib. to Mozart), the two-part song Be Joyful Together (JS Bach arr. by Hal H Hopson), the two-part The heav'ns sing praises to God (Beethoven) and the challenging three-part Sing a Song of Sixpence (a setting by J Michael Diack with apologies to Handel).

Through consistent exposure to wonderful music and clear direction, the students develop a real understanding of choral techniques.


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A perfect score by our Chess A team - tournament winners

On Wednesday, 15 students from John Colet competed at the Northern Beaches Primary Schools Chess Challenge 2014. More than 200 students from across the Northern Beaches played seven rounds of chess at Mona Vale Public School. The players from John Colet were great sportsmen and sportswomen and it was a terrific day.

And the Bonus is the result – our A Team WON, with a perfect score!!!

This is the first time John Colet has ever won this tournament and the first time I can recall a perfect score from a John Colet team.

And further, our D team (all girls) came 2nd in the Girls’ division!

Congratulations to all our Chess teams on their playing and good sportsmanship.

Heather B
Chess Coordinator

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Pisa Sports Reports for John Colet School

Senior Girls
On Friday 6th September, 5th and 6th class Pisa Girls played soccer against St Lukes.  The score was 1 – 1. This game was 6th class’s last game EVER.  And we tied! Yay!!  I think we played awesomely for our last game.  We had great sportsmanship.  We looked out for each other.  I think it was an amazing game.  
Girls of the Game for 5th class are:  All of them because every single one of them played the best that they could.
Girls of the Game for 6th class are: All of them because every single one of them played the best that they could.
By Chloe T

Junior Girls
The Junior Girls Pisa Soccer team played soccer against Oxford Falls Grammar School and we won 6-0. It was a very suspenseful game because we were all thinking “If we win this we win the whole term and come first.”  The whole team played so well and everyone tried their hardest, so that the Girls of the Game were:EVERYONE!
By Scout H

Senior Boys
The Senior Boys played rugby against Galstaun College and won 2 – Nil.

Junior Boys
The Junior Boys played rugby against Christian Covenant School and lost 6 – 3.  The team has improved tremendously over the season.

Coaches’ Notes
This year the Junior Girls Teams have been joint winners in the T Ball, won the netball outright and we believe they have won the soccer round as well, though that’s not been confirmed yet.  
Also, the recent win by the Junior Boys in rugby ended a four year losing streak, not a 10 year one as reported.
Mr Roslin

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