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Lower First news (Kindy)


Deputy Head's Comment

Lower 1st performed in their first Shakespeare production this year and entertained us all with their clear diction and well-rehearsed stagecraft. Every child performed their part with enthusiasm and attention. Every detail had been carefully considered right down to the beautiful character drawings in the program. It was wonderful to see some of our future parents in the audience to see what young children can achieve after one year at school. It is always striking to witness the ability that  such young children have, to connect with the depth of meaning in the words of Shakespeare.

Di Renshaw
Deputy Headmistress

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Digging up the past

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Lower 1st became archaeologists this week and dug up several mysterious artifacts. We discussed what they could be, who used them and how and what they told us about the people who have lived before us.
Miss Bower and Miss Marley, Teachers

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100 days!


Lower 1st marked the last day of Term 2 with a special morning tea to celebrate 100 days of school learning!



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Wonderful world of wild animals for Lower 1st

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Lower 1st learnt about our native animals and birds at Featherdale Wildlife Park this week.  There were lots of sleepy children on the bus ride home!  See more photos on our Facebook page.

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Prac student shares her love of teaching

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Lower First M students have had many rich learning experiences in Literacy and Numeracy lessons this week.
They have been engaging greatly with their sentence writing. They have had a main focus on understanding the concepts of poems and their language techniques (especially adjectives and punctuation), in order to create their very own colour poem! The students loved to explore their imagination and think of different colours and objects to match that colour. Students also thought about how objects may make them feel, whilst also gaining knowledge around the importance of our five senses. In addition, students have been creating their own sentences in Handwriting, using their own spelling words. Not only are students able to work at their own level, be creative, and create great pride in their own personal work, the exercise consolidates their spelling list.
Within Numeracy, students main focus has been surrounding the notion of mass (Sub-stands Working Mathematically and Geometry and Measurement). Students have been exploring the concept of hefting as well as the ability to use and read balance scales, all of which they have thoroughly enjoyed. Lower First M have also added “Exit Slips” at the end of their Numeracy lessons. The Exit Slip strategy requires students to write responses to questions on their learning at the end of their lesson (in our case, students told me, and I wrote their answers verbatim). Exit Slips help students reflect on what they have learned and express what or how they are thinking about the new information, as well as giving them the opportunity to express how they would like to improve or what they may be stuck on. Our Exit Slips will be displayed within the classroom in the coming week. The students are very keen on the idea.
Well done on a productive and fulfilling week Lower First M! Keep up the wonderful work!

Harriet Wickett – Macquarie University final practicum student.

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Fraction flowers!

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This week L1st M has been focusing on the complex concept of Fractions.
We started the week with simple ideas and notions of sharing, and what it meant to be fair when splitting a whole object into parts. The students were extremely quick to realise that in order for sharing to be fair, we had to divide an object into equal parts.
Students thoroughly enjoyed sharing objects (UNIFIX CUBES) with other members in the class, creating whole circles as a class and splitting into two equal semi circles (Space and Geometry Sub-strand), and have worked extremely contentedly and steadily throughout this period.
During our Fraction lessons, fine motor skills have also been refined during cutting and pasting objects to fit in the “Fraction Flower”, along with colouring. In addition, students further developed these skills through the creation of fraction murals. To do so, students have folded, cut, and stuck, squared pieces of paper, which also consolidated their cognitive mathematical development, surrounding fractions.

Harriet Wickett 
Macquarie University (final year Practicum) student 2018

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Lower Firsts love giving talks!

Lower First students have been bravely and clearly speaking out to their class mates in Show and Tell this term.  In Weeks 6 and 7, they were encouraged to find out about a form of weather which is extreme and share pictures, books or information.  In Weeks 8 and 9, they brought in a favourite book to show to the their classmates, with a discussion about the author, the illustrator and the purpose of the book.  Here are two photos...

show and tell web

show and tell3 web

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Infants swimming details

Swimming for Infants in Term 4

In Term 4 the Infants Classes will again be going to the Killarney Heights Swim Centre for swimming lessons in preparation for the coming summer. (5th and 6th Classes will go for four weeks only on another day of the week).
As we have no male teachers in the Infants and therefore no access to the male change room the children will be changed at school.
The Infants children will swim on Friday afternoons in Term 4, commencing Week 1 (14th  October).
On Fridays they should come to school in their sports clothes and sport shoes bringing with them a swimming bag containing:

  • Casual “slip-on” footwear (such as thongs, Crocs, “jelly” sandals – these not to be worn to school)
  • A towel
  • Goggles for all and swimming caps for the girls
  • Swimming costumes (boys could wear those to school and bring underwear for after swimming)
To go to the pool, they will wear their sports tops over their costumes, with a towel wrapped round themselves, carrying a bag with goggles and caps (girls).  The towels, footwear and sport top will be deposited at the poolside whilst they swim.  After the lesson, they simply dry off, don sports top, footwear and wrap their towel about them, and then proceed to school, where they will change back into their full sports uniform for home-time.
Children may be taken home from the Pool after the lesson by pre-arrangement with their teacher and having been signed off at the pool on the Class Register.
We hope this will be an easy and efficient way of dealing with this.

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Sharing their dreams

On 'Dress Up as your Favourite Book Character Day', 6th class wrote and illustrated their own Dreamtime stories to read to their Lower First Buddies.

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Lower First learning about "The Little Refugee"

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In the build up to Book Week, Lower First are looking at 'The Little Refugee' by Anh Do and Suzanne Do and drawing their own people using the art room's collection of dolls from around the world as further inspiration.


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Morning Teas for Parents of children in our Infants classes

interesting coffee shot2

Lower First: Tuesday 5th May
Upper First: Tuesday 19th May
2nd class:  Tuesday 9th June

The Morning Teas with Mrs McKendrick and Mrs Donald will be held just after morning drop off, in the Staff Common Room on the above days. We look forward to seeing you.

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Buddy monitor update


Over several weeks Sophie and I have had the joy of being buddy monitors.  This duty involves planning fun activities for the buddies to enjoy.  Some of the activities we have planned have been Arts and Crafts based others have been more physical and interactive.  Our most popular activity from the children’s perspective has been the rainbow parachute when the buddies run under the parachute and have lots of laughs.  This Friday we had a very successful Easter Egg hunt, which was lots of fun.
We are so grateful for this exciting leadership responsibility as we have really enjoyed working with Mrs McDermott and her class.  We wish all the best of luck to next term’s buddy monitors.  I’m sure they will have a great time like we did.

Isis C and Sophie W (6th K)

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An update from Lower First

Mrs McDermott reports that her students are ‘settling in beautifully’. She says they are well on the way with their phonics sounds, and their lists of sight words have gone home to be part of their homework. (They also look at them in class.)

“They have been learning the sounds of A, S, T, I, and M and these have been the topic for their Show and Tell sessions on Friday afternoon. The children bring in an object that starts with one of the sounds, such as “turrets” on a castle that one boy brought in,” says Mrs McDermott.

“We are counting up to 20 and beyond, recognising the numbers, and in science we have started our Living and Non-living Things unit of work.’’

She says the children absolutely love their hour –long Visual Arts lessons with Mrs Allcorn (see our Facebook page) and Mrs McDermott adds that she has never had a class that loves colouring in as much as this one!

“They also love their sports lessons with Mr Roslin and Mrs Keating and they have passed on very good reports about how well the children are participating.”

“In Philosophy with Mrs Donald, we have started by looking at the five school values, so far we have done Stillness, Courage and Truthfulness. They are very good at giving their observations and putting things into practice at school and at home. One Mum was telling me how her daughter showed courage... They are very good listeners and they really enjoy participating.”

“We’ve already done a lot of writing exercises. We took a caterpillar for a walk around the school and the children each did a pictorial personal recount of a caterpillar walk. So they could practise their time sequencing words and their action words and their describing words.”

Mrs McDermott says they are definitely getting used to the school routine and love their lunchtimes and recess.   But an absolute highlight of the week is their Friday afternoon session with their 6th class buddies.

“Last week the buddies arranged everything, they set up activity stations for games and colouring and it was just fabulous. Today the buddies helped Lower First make a start on our giant class jigsaw. They absolutely adore their buddies!


Mrs Tomaz and Miss Buchanan, pictured above, assist Mrs McDermott with Lower First.


Taking a caterpillar for a walk, in preparation for a writing exercise. 

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Our newest students


Our Lower First class had a wonderful start.  On their first day, their many activities included writing, maths, meeting the Headmaster, morning tea and play time.   Some of the 6th class leaders helped Lower First teacher Mrs McDermott in the classroom, while others greeted new parents and showed them to the classroom.

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