From the P&F corner

It begins again. Welcome to 2015, everyone. A special hello to all the new families who have joined our community this year. The P&F is here to build the school community and to assist in the provision of resources to the school and students. 

Our first meeting is just around the corner on Monday 2nd Feb, from 7.30pm in the staff room. Satiate your curiosity and come along. We will be discussing the 2014 parent survey, marketing support, open day and other things. If you would like to discuss any matter, please contact me and we can pop into the next agenda.

Your representatives this year are:

Indu Balachandran (President) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lucy Brogden (Vice President) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vik Devjee (Vice President) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cherry Hopley (Treasurer) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Clare Jeffries (Secretary) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In Service,
Indu Balachandran

[on behalf of the P&F Committee]

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From the P&F corner

From the P&F Corner: 2015 Committee

The counting of the votes has concluded. We can announce the P&F Executive for 2015. Contact details are included if you'd like to get in touch.
President: Indu Balachandran
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Vice Presidents: Lucy Brodgen & Vik Devjee
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Treasurer: Cherry Hopley
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Secretary: Clare Jeffries
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We thank Sarah Olencewicz for her service as secretary in 2014 and wish her well with the move to Tasmania. Thank you for all your support this year. Hope you have an excellent break!
Indu Balachandran
(On behalf of the P&F)

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From the P&F corner

From the P&F Corner
87 responses were received to the 2014 P&F survey. A summary has been sent to all class parents to disseminate. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like a copy of the detailed results or of the summarised version.

The P&F will use this to guide activities in 2015. Thanks to all for participating.

The Shakespeare Festival cannot be mentioned without simultaneously speaking the name of Geraldine West, who has done a sterling job with the wardrobe this year. Thank you, Geraldine! 

Indu Balachandran
P&F President 2014

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From the P&F corner

AGM on 10 November

It's the Annual General Meeting for the Parents & Friends Association of our school on Monday 10th November. We have had some nominations for positions, and this is your last chance to put your hand up for a rather rewarding role for 2015. Please contact Indu Balachandran on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to know more. We will also be celebrating and thanking the P&F Executive and class parents at this dinner.

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Secondhand uniform sale update

Our first Second Hand Uniform mornings was held this week and a great success. With around $300 in sales plus many many swaps taking place it has been declared a success and will be run again early next term. There are some pristine second hand uniforms, including blazers, on offer for the 2015 new starters. We have a number of people looking for second hand summer things in larger sizes (boys size 10 shirts and shorts and girls tunics and summer dresses in particular) so if you have larger sizes lurking in your child’s wardrobe that you could donate the P&F would be grateful.

Camilla S and Alison H will be taking over the second hand uniform store from next term, stay tuned for exciting emails from them about future events. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to be the first to know about swap days and other exciting uniform related events. https://www.facebook.com/JohnColet2ndhanduniforms

A big thanks to everyone who came along on the morning, we were very pleased at the turn out and we hope you will continue to support future events.

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30 Year Anniversary Tea Towels

ORDERS OPEN! Orders close last day of Term 3

Take a look at the P&F Noticeboard to see the answers to the Guess the Teacher competition.  Also examples of the tea towels and our artwork are now displayed (a tip when looking for your child, they follow on from their class teacher on either Infants or Primary print out).

Hopefully by now you've thought of the list (hopefully a long list) of lucky recipients of our lovely Infant and Primary tea towels.  As well as fantastic gifts, perfect for Christmas mailing, they're great for home use, and kids' lunch bags/library bags etc.  If you haven't already placed your order, then please do so ASAP as there's ONLY 1 WEEK LEFT to order.  If you've already placed your order and would like to increase it, please contact Carolyn to ensure you get the bulk discount pricing on extras, rather than paying full price on Trybooking.

When the orders are delivered early-mid November, you will also receive your child's original self-portrait artwork.

Tea Towel order form here

 TRYBOOKING link here

Carolyn Lambert
and the JCS P&F

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Commemorative Tea Towels guess the teacher competition

30 Year Anniversary Tea Towels

Guess the Teacher competition was open this week, did you have fun guessing?  The competition closed today and there are many entries to be checked.  
Winner(s) will be announced at Monday's Assembly and answers in will be displayed in the P&F noticeboard.  The winning artists will also be announced at Assembly.

Order forms and further information will be distributed next week.
Carolyn L (Aaron 4N, Celia U1I)

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Commemorative Tea Towels

30 Year Commemorative Tea Towels

Have you heard?  The children have produced fantastic self portraits in art class which will go onto school tea towels.  They have also drawn Class Teachers and the Heads and the winning artworks have now been made into a competition - CAN YOU GUESS THE TEACHER?  

The competition will run 1st -5th  September, entry forms will be distributed to classes on Monday 1st  September.  Details on how to order tea towels will follow after the Gala Dinner.

Carolyn Lambert and the P&F Committee


Some of our 6th Class characters.

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From the P&F corner

Don’t be late for this very important date. Come along and celebrate being part of the JCS community. We have sold 110 tickets already! 

The wonderland dinner is almost here and you have one week to finalise your booking and book your table.  The committee and volunteers are working very hard to finalise purchases for the night. Make sure to let us know any dietary requirements.

We have loads of prizes to be won; the children’s artworks are coming along beautifully and we have many surprises in store.  Remember, this will be the first time we hear the John Colet School song, to launch 30 years of the school.  The song's lyrics have been drawn from the children's ideas, and composed by our very own Estella Rowan and Indu Balachandran. A bit of Latin, a bit of Sanskrit, a bit of chant, a bit of song, and a lot of JCS.

The art teachers have been working hard on the exquisite artworks by the children and they are so excited to have their works on display in front of the John Colet School community. Come along and join the celebrations, and a wonderful night of song, dance, food and fun.  There is a whisper that our very own Ingrid Rihani might be organising a feast of the senses with her dessert delicacies.  So don't miss out!

JCS P&F 2014

Indu Balachandran

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Report from our P&F

Our premiere morning P&F meeting was held to the murmurings of school assembly outside the staffroom doors on Monday.
Open Day was the talk of the town, with ideas and offers on food stalls, entertainment selection for different age groups, and how best to present the school without causing logistical chaos. Keep your eyes peeled and emails on standby as you'll hear more from Lucy B on this. Get in touch with Alex Coubrough if you can take a JC information pack to your preschool.
There was a flurry of spending activity, with a rice cooker, hat/hook stands, classroom signs and continuous hot water for the kitchen all approved. Our sincerest thanks to Forestville bakery, Libby L and helpers for going above and beyond in what stands to become the first of our annual hot cross bun fundraisers!  Thanks to your generosity, we reached our target of $450 which will fund an industrial rice cooker. Enjoy your buns.
Juli Allcorn presented her fantastic ideas on celebrating Shakespeare's 450th birthday, and we are looking forward to an event complete with a mural, a giant jigsaw-puzzle cake, and fancy dress for children and adults.
The school has been  working on refreshing its policies (Anti Discrimination, Critical Incidents, Special Education etc) and will be complete over the next 12 months, and we also discussed how the working bee can be more effective. Remember to put the Cyber Safety session in your diaries on Tuesday, 13th May. The school has noted that some children have accessed adult sites from their homes, and this information is a must for all parents.
Indu Balachandran
P&F President

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P&F meeting recap

Another fast-paced and efficient meeting...

The P&F meeting on a recent Monday night continued on from the racy, pacy tone set at the first meeting. From Hot Cross Buns to a reading and reflection on the School's Mission, Vision and Values; from very funny suggestions for Gala Dinner auction to NAPLAN; from money to tea towels. So what was the upshot, you ask?

Word of mouth is a most effective way to help other families find our school before Open Day. Lets get behind the school's marketing efforts and get fliers to your preschools (contact our fab new registrar Belinda James on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), put a sticker on your car, and get the word out online with a few motivating words on kidspot.com.au or on google reviews. Lets share the good news about JC.

On the more somber matter of Workplace, Health and Safety, have you noticed anything at the school that may need a closer look for safety, or a nip and tuck for health? Christine Condos, our Bursar, would love to hear from you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The lovely Linda Zanella has been keeping the lines open for the Walkathon on 21st March. The funds raised will be used to install fitness stations (mini play areas cum sports resource) around the school! Get your pledges in - and the grandparents' - and keep an eye out for the class parents' emails coordinating volunteers on the day.

See you at the next meeting on Monday 7th April, at 8.30am.

With love, from the P&F Committee 2014

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Report from our P&F

With a whip around of the large circle of parents at the first P&F meeting of the year, we discovered what we'd like from the P&F this year. Some quotes:

"Bottle the JC spirit"


"Deliver what the parents want"

So what can you do to support our school right now?

The walkathon on Friday afternoon, 21st March
Wonderful parent from year 2 Linda Z has (thankfully) popped her hand up to be the coordinator for this great and easy fundraiser. Let’s get behind her and show her some love and support.
Get in on the Gala Dinner, which is a big bash to launch celebrations for 30 years of our wonderful John Colet. "Simple and elegant, with a twist”. Veteran events coordinator Georgie C  is making this one happen and has a list of roles. Oh, and you'll need to save the date, 6th September 2014.
Get in touch with viable fundraising or community-building ideas. We have a few new things on the menu, including tea towels, hot cross buns, a disco night (indeed!!). Does your company offer grants, do you know a hot-cross bun baker, have you run an event that is a guaranteed success? Sarah O  is pulling this list together, so get in touch, and we can program your idea in over the next 18 months. Don't say we don't plan ahead.
The detailed minutes will follow. Make sure you come to the next one.
With love,
The P&F Executive 2014

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P&F meeting report

1.       Tabling of Last Meeting’s Minutes
Minutes from the last P&F meeting held on 13 may 2013 were tabled, amended and then accepted by the committee members present.
2.       Fair Feedback and Discussion
Katrina B wholeheartedly thanked Liz K for her efforts in co-ordinating the Fair this year and noted the warm feel, beautiful set up and excellent signage on the day. Each stall holder has been asked to submit a written report about operations on the day to help prepare for future fair days. Mary M added her appreciation for the efforts of the P&F committee and parent community (and volunteers) and noted that the fair was warm and inviting and the children had a lovely time.

Mary M reminded the committee that there will be a morning tea on Wednesday, 3rd June 2013, hosted by Mr Mane, in order to thank those who gave time and effort to the fair. It will commence at 8.30am in the staffroom.

Liz K’s fair reports were tabled and attached to the minutes.

It was noted that the juice ran out early on fair day. Donna T commented that the number of juice boxes was limited so as to encourage people to try the sugar cane juice.

Susie F thought the cake stall prices a little high. Marina B responded that demand usually outstrips supply. She added that people liked to come late so as to pick up cakes at a discount. In comparison to retail shops the prices were thought to be favourable. The idea was to start pricing at a higher level and then to bring them down later in the day. Marina B thought an additional table for sold goods would be advisable. Katrina B noted that pricing of cakes is a fine balancing act which needs to take into account the effort and expense each person makes in baking and then donating the cakes and the affordability of them on the day. Other ideas for the cake stall included having trays so people could choose a mix of smaller items.

Jo-Anne T noted that there were not enough rubbish bins provided.

Cherry H noted that more help on Saturday setup would be a good idea.

Katrina B noted that it is a fine balance for determining requirements for help on the day as parents are, at the end of the day, volunteers.

Alex D noted that many people did not turn up to the clean-up crew. An idea was put forward to have ex-students attend and pay them a small fee for their help with clean up on fair day.

Susie F noted that signage about age ranges for particular rides would be advisable.

Alex C would like to record her sincere thanks to two people in particular for their great effort and enthusiasm in the long build up to Fair and Open Day.  Liz K did a fantastic job all round and especially in liaising with parents, consulting with stallholders and keeping everyone informed.  Her communication was really terrific, as were the signs and flyers she designed and had produced. 

Alex C would also like to thank Geraldine W for her tireless liaison with the external food and drink providers, fair activities providers and sourcing many paper and promotional items.  Her attention to detail, big picture overview and eye for a bargain were a great asset to the event.

Thank you both for your dedicated help, great spirit and creative energies.

3.       Art Show Feedback and Discussion
Katrina B noted that the opening night was an amazing occasion. But she also noted that having the Art Show on the same weekend as the fair made it a busy weekend and as such there was a suggestion to hold the opening night the weekend before the fair or have the Art Show at some other time in the year. Timing of future Art Shows will be discussed further by the Art Show Committee.

Donna T noted that one third of the takings for the Art Show occurred on Friday night with two thirds taken on fair day (Sunday).

4.       Park Update on the Corner of Contentin Road and Wyatt Avenue
This item has been postponed to next P&F Meeting.

5.       Rehabilitation of Playground Within School Grounds
Christine Condos advised the P&F Committee that the school is developing a landscaping master plan with consultants and once this is done and aligned with the general development plan for the school facilities, a timetable of landscaping stages will be drafted.

Susie F has requested that the landscaping master plan be available for viewing by the parent body.

6.       Request for Funding – Kitchen Equipment
$800 has been requested by Donna Moor for a chest freezer and utensils. Donna T recommended that the funds should be allocated and Katrina B seconded the motion. The committee members present carried the motion.

 7.       Request for Funding - New Vacuum Cleaner
The P&F members asked Mary M to ascertain whether the school can supply this item with school funds.

8.       Request For Funding – Sailing Club
Funds have been requested for some small, easy to manage and rig, second-hand sailing boats. Katrina B asked the P&F to allocate $1,800 to $2,000. Motion was seconded and carried by the committee members present.

9.       Fundraising Update – Bunning’s BBQ
This will now be run by the Board of Governors. A note will be put in the weekly note, which will ask for volunteers to help run the event.

10.   Treasurer’s Report
Donna T advised that the total fair day takings were about the same as last year. Expenses were lower than last year however, which lead to an increased profit of approximately $2,000.

Donna T advised $12, 313.39 profit was made on the day. This does not include Art show profits. A detailed breakdown of fair takings and expenses was tabled and attached to the minutes.

Donna T thanked all those on stalls and all other volunteers for their efforts.

Donna T advised that P&F Committee funds were accumulating well and will be allocated when new development work commences.

Katrina B thanked Donna for all her accounting efforts for the fair and the P&F Committee.

Donna T tabled the following financial position of the P&F Committee:

Cash at Bank 13 May 2013                                                    $23,481

Plus deposits                                                                          $30,411

Less outgoings                                                                       $10,741

Cash at Bank 3 June 2013                                                      $43,151

Less: unpresented cheques                                                  $    106

Less known expenses:          Fair and Open Day         $ 7,155

                                              Artist Commissions         $10,023

                                                        Bear Cottage           $ 1,200


Plus known deposits:             Trybooking (Art Show)  $    733

Available for Use                                                      $25,400


Plus eftpos transactions:      Fair                                 $ 4,740

                                                        Art Show              $10,325

                                                        Trivia etc (2012)   $ 2,577



11.   Executive and Board Reports
Mary M advised that the school is looking at the new national curriculum. The new English curriculum will be introduced next year and maths, science and geography will be introduced in 2015. Staff members have undertaken training in the new English curriculum.

Mary M advised a committee has been set up to look at IT issues within the school which will consider new directions in this area.

Mary M advised the school is looking into where the office staff is to be housed while building works commence. Options are being considered.

Mary M noted that the new singing teacher, Michaela Miles, is doing a great job in her new role with the school.

Mary also thanked the P&F for their excellent and ongoing efforts.

Sarah W advised that the request made at the last P&F Committee meeting for more notice about upcoming school fees was tabled at the last Board of Governor’s meeting.

Sarah W advised that the Board of Governors has taken on the running and co-ordination of the Bunning’s BBQ. It will be held on the first Sunday of school holidays.

Sarah W also advised that in-house OH&S reports and documentation were undertaken each week.

12.   Garden Club
Alex D advised that the school has applied for funding under the Live Life Well @ School program. It is a joint program of the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) and NSW Health and aims at enhancing teachers’ knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching nutrition education and physical activity as part of the K-6 PDHPE syllabus. Teachers, Marie White and Simona Cippollone, attended a workshop to gain knowledge about the application of the program, on behalf of the school. $2000 funding will be available from DEC for implementation of nutrition and physical activity programs and $2,400 funding from Health Promotion, Northern Sydney Local Health Districts for implementation of the program.  It is a 3-year program with continued support. The website for the program is: //www.healthykids.nsw.gov.au/campaigns-programs/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">http://www.healthykids.nsw.gov.au/campaigns-programs/live-life-well-@-school.aspx

13.   Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Monday 22nd July, 2013 in the staff room.

14.   Meeting Closed
Katrina B closed the meeting at 10am.

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Update from last P&F meeting

Walkathon Update
So far $7,514 has been raised and 73% of children have made donations. Katrina B reminded the committee to think clearly about communication for the event as target setting misrepresented the event to the school community. Cherry was thanked for her excellent efforts. Class parents are asked to send out final friendly reminder for any pledges outstanding.

Open Day
-       Fair/Stalls Update – By Liz K
Liz K advised that all rosters have been given to class parents and the website is up to date. Liz K asked that class parents contact her with any other questions as soon as possible.
Judith D advised that the small broken down shed at the back of the school is to be removed, making the environs tidier.
Balloons will be made available for the Art Show opening night as well as for fair.
The stage will be set up Monday before event. Three additional gas ovens were offered to the food stall operators, which they have kindly accepted.
Liz K will be roving about on Fair Day to answer any issues raised.
Alex C will put John Colet aprons out for each stall – usually about six per stall.
Liz K will send a PDF file (advertisement for fair and art show) to class parents, to send on to all parents so they can forward it onto family and friends.
This year the John Colet Fair does not clash with the Kamaroi School fair.
Liz K advised that a map has been put together, outlining placement of stalls on Fair Day. Alex C suggested that these maps be placed at the Board of Governor’s stall, at the ticket stall and near the food stall.
Katrina B thanked Liz K for her amazing efforts in co-ordinating Fair Day.

- Art Show Update – Sarah W
Sarah W noted that the artworks are of a very high standard this year.
Sarah W asked class parents to promote the event among the parent body.
A jazz trio will be playing on opening night and tickets will be available at the door. The organisers would prefer, however, advance ticket sales so as to give them an indication of numbers attending. Tickets cost $15 and wine will be available by the glass. ($5 per glass)
The children’s artwork will be displayed in the staff room.
Judith D asked if there is any security on gate. Alex C advised that this had not been done in the past, as the event is fairly quiet.
Katrina B advised that the children’s artwork should be framed or on a canvas to facilitate hanging. They also need to be labelled with the child’s name and title (if they have one and should be approximately A4 size.

Treasurer’s Report – Samantha R in Donna T’s Absence
Cash at bank position:

As at 8 April 2013                                   $  22,010

Plus deposits                                                5,587

Less outgoings                                             4,116

Less unpresented cheques                          106
Current cash at bank @ 13/05/2013: $ 23,375
Fundraising for 2013 Year to date:
Walkathon takings                                    $7,514

Funds Allocation Procedure – Katrina B
The P&F Committee, in consultation with the school, prioritises items that require funding. Parent suggestions are also taken into consideration. These items are then brought to the attention of those at the P&F meetings at which time comments are taken. Approval is then sought from the parent representatives at the meeting.

Board Report/Executive Report – Judith D
Judith advised that a Gap student will be arriving at the school shortly and notification will be placed in the next weekly note.
Approved school student numbers currently stand at 225. An application has been lodged with council to increase that number to between 320 and330. This allows 2 classes per year.

Future Building works include the administration wing and the COLA. An architect is currently looking into the most favourable site for the COLA (covered outdoor learning area).

Judith advised that risk assessment forms need to be filled in for Fair Day. Alex C will handle those.

There will be a Board of Governors stand at the Fair and members will respond to any enquiries from the community.

A site for the Gardening Club has been located outside the music room and will consist of octagonal raised beds. Alex D is fulfilling the risk assessment criteria. Two teachers will attend a workshop that informs and encourages schools to bring the healthy living concept into school. Grant money will be used to fund substitute teachers while they are away and also buy supplies for the club.

The large grevillea out the back of the school has died of natural causes.

Judith D asked for feedback about the possibility of Mike McDonald, a behaviour management consultant, coming to the school to give a talk to school parents. Meeting responded positively to this suggestion.

Teachers have taken on the supervision of the chess club.

Maintenance of Park on Corner of Cotentin Road and Wyatt Avenue
A letter (as advised in the minutes of last meeting) has been sent to council on behalf of the P&F Committee. Council has acknowledged receipt of letter and they will respond in due course.

Rehabilitation of Playground Within School Grounds – Judith D
Judith D advised that any landscaping will be delayed until all building works (as advised above) are done so as to save on duplication of expenses As such, the timing of the rehabilitation of this site has not been set at this time.

P&F Email Contact – Katrina B
A new email address for the P&F Committee will be created in the near future and included on the school’s website. In the mean time, all agenda items should be sent to P&F secretary Samantha Richards at her email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Library Re-Opening Enquiry – Judith D
Judith D advised that the library would not open before Fair Day. It is noted that the teachers are keen for access, so too the children. The headmaster will take further action to expedite the process. As such a definitive re-opening date is not available at this time. More shall be known before the next P&F meeting.

Fundraising BBQ at Bunning’s – Katrina B and Alex C
A tentative date has been set for 23rd June 2013. This is the first weekend of school holidays. The previous BBQ’s have been run by the Chan family, but due to their departure from the school there is need of a volunteer to co-ordinate this event. There was a feeling among attendees that this timing may be difficult, being at the beginning of school holidays. Maria Mury will contact the Chans to ascertain whether the date was definite or tentative and other arrangements set in place. Alex C to communicate with Bunnings.

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of the P&F Committee – Katrina B
Due to the resignation of Liz K as Vice President due to escalating work commitments there will an extraordinary meeting following the next P&F committee meeting to elect new office bearers.

Other Business
A query was raised as to the timing of fee notification. Judith D will follow this up with Board of Governors.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be held 8.30am Monday 3rd June 2013.

Meeting Closed
Katrina B closed the meeting at 9.00pm.

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Walkathon and Fair on the P&F agenda

1.    Walkathon Update
Katrina B thanked Cherry H for organising the day. She noted that there was lots of joy and happiness in evidence. Cherry advised that the school had already received $3000 of the pledged funds. The first Friday of second term is the cut-off date for sending monies raised into the school. Katrina B asked Cherry H to remind the school community about this cut-off date.
2.    Open Day
-       Fair/Stalls Update – By Liz K

Liz K advised that all stalls have been allocated to class parents and that they are all now happy with the allocation. A “Fair Newsletter” will be circulated this week and the information contained within will also be available on the school website. A one page document (referred to as “the one pager”) will also be given to each class parent which will contain all generic Fair Day information as well as specific information for that particular class. Class parents were then asked to distribute this information to all other parents in their class. The page will include embedded links to more detailed information, a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section and a key date section. Liz K advised that the first port of call for any additional information or questions should be the class parents. Liz K’s aim is to “socialise” the fair and get parents and children excited about the day. A mobile stand will be set up at school that will be used to highlight a number of stalls that will be present on the day. This stand will be moved about the school to promote the fair.

For more P&F minutes click Continue Reading

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