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Excursion to Casula Powerhouse

On Wednesday 15th August, 5th and 6th class went on an excursion to Casula Powerhouse Museum.  We learnt that many different plants can be weeds when they grow in the wrong place, and we learnt how you can create art with them.
We also did a worksheet about maps and learnt about the different types of symbols on
As well as all that, we learnt about the history of the Casula Powerhouse Museum , and that a lot of people died there when it was a power house. They told us stories about how people know there are ghosts there.
Overall we had lots of fun and learnt a lot.
Eloise and Ellie, 5th class

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Write a book in a Day

Some of our senior students attended a ‘write a book in a day’ session.  Judging by 5th class student India Parson’s report, the day was an enormous success...

“Write a book in a Day” was the most extraordinary day in my life. 

I’ve always wanted a chance to be an author and then there was the chance and I grabbed it.  And I am so glad that I did because it was the most fun being there, with your friends and doing something you love.  And to achieve the book and get it printed is just the best feeling in the world and I want to do it again and again and AGAIN!

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