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Writing & Speaking


Book lovers welcome!

On Tuesday mornings before school, an enthusiastic group of students has been meeting to discuss their favourite books. The book club has been trialed this term with predominantly 4th class students and is run by John Colet parent Liz K.
The children are learning how to engage in a discussion where opinions differ on everything from how to pronounce Magog through to whether or not books should be made into movies.
There have been some entertaining debates and insightful commentary but most of all, lots of laughs.
“The best thing about book club is hearing other people’s views on a book. You get to hear a different perspective that you may never have learnt on your own.”  
“We learn about new books.”
"It teaches you to share your ideas in a way that you usually wouldn’t do at school.”
In the final session this term, the children brought in a book to swap with another member for the holidays; enabling the children to maintain their connectedness through the break.
There is a very long list of books the children want to cover next term! The plan is to build on book week and look at books by Belinda Murrell and Mark Greenwood, as well as another book from the Septimus Heap Series.
To register your interest for next term, talk to Liz or 4th class teacher Mrs Tomicki.  Priority will be given to existing members.

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Great effort in ICAS English at John Colet School

Congratulations to Thomas J (4th T) and Scout H (6th S) for their High Distinctions in ICAS English and to Henry B (6th S) Luke C (6th K) Rushil D (6th S) Alethea F (4th T) Isabella G (3rd D) Callum H (5th R) Ella K (4th T) Aaron L (5th C) Michael T (4th T) Jasmin W (6th K) Elizabeth W (3rd D) and Misha Y (3rd D) for their Distinctions. 


John Colet School students from 3rd to 6th classes may choose to sit ICAS exams.  45 JCS students sat ICAS English this year.

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4th class makes history come alive



This term 4th class have been studying Early Settlers and The First Fleet. They were asked to use a plastic bottle to make a person who would have lived during that time.

The bottle had to be dressed up and three objects which the person may have used during their life had to be attached.

4th class were also asked to write a biography of their chosen character and give reasons for their choice.

We have a lovely selection of convicts, Governor Phillips, Captain Cooks and Bennelong.

Please come and have a look at our plastic bottle people, they are amazing and VERY creative.

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ICAS Writing results

Well done to all students who took part in the ICAS Writing exam this year.  Forty three students took part, and three High Distinctions and six Distinctions were awarded to our students.

Congratulations to Kai P, (5th C) Wendy W, (5th C) and Scout H (6th S) for their High Distinction awards and to Mi Mi P (5th C) , Jack H (5th C), Leo G (5th R), Callum H (5th R), Alexandra R (6th K) and Marcus M (6th K) for their Distinctions.

What is ICAS?

The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) are independent skills-based assessments with a competition element.  A new ICAS test is developed annually for each subject in each year level by subject matter experts. All ICAS tests are reviewed by experienced teachers to ensure that they accurately assess students’ skills and are relevant to what they are learning at school.
ICAS tests are sat at the student’s school and are invigilated by teachers under normal examination conditions.

John Colet School students in Years 3 - 6 may choose to sit ICAS tests.

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Big week ahead with Book Week

Book week is almost upon us and we've got an exciting list of events lined up to help us celebrate!

Visiting Authors: We a very fortune to have three published authors coming to the school next week to speak to the children. Heather Miller, Belinda Murrell and Mark Greenwood will all be visiting throughout the week and speaking to the children about their work as authors.

Heather Miller has written a delightful book called “David, Jack and the Rescue of Grace”. It is a picture book that tells the story of David, his pet mouse, Jack,  and their quest to rescue Grace, the cow, who is stuck on top of a tree following a flood on their farm.

Belinda Murrell is an  internationally published children's author. Her 21 books include The Sun Sword fantasy trilogy as well as a newly-released Lulu Bell series for younger readers. She is also known for her collection of other timeslip tales including The Sequin Star, The River Charm, The Locket of Dreams, The Forgotten Pearl, The Ruby Talisman and The Ivory Rose.

Mark Greenwood is an Australian author with a passion for history. His books The Legend of Moondyne Joe and The Legend of Lasseter's Reef have won the West Australian Premier's Award for children's books. Ned Kelly, and The Green Sash won the West Australian Young Readers’ Book Award and Simpson and His Donkey was a CBCA Honour Book and a USBBY Outstanding International Book.

If your children have a copy of a book from any of these others they are encouraged to bring them in and they can get them personally signed.
Come dressed as your favourite character - On Wednesday, 19th of August, the children and the teachers are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite book character. Please bring in your books so they can be shared and discussed with class members.

Book Drive - Throughout the week we will be collecting used and new children's books that we will then donate to The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, who run literacy programs for refugees. The collection box will be located in the breeze way.


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Book Week Mania: Wednesday August 19th

Book week mania comes to John Colet on August 19th!

Teachers and students please come to school dressed as your favourite book character, and bring along your favourite book to share and discuss with your class. Everyone is encouraged to bring a gold coin donation, and all proceeds from the day will go to a children's literacy charity.  The sky's the limit when it comes to how everyone chooses to dress up; keep it simple or go all out - it's up to you! All costumes will be appreciated but there will be no prizes for best dressed.

During book week (week 6), we'll also be holding a book drive. Have  a look through your book shelves and bring along any children's books you no longer need. There'll be a collection box in the breeze way where you can donate your books.

If you'd like to have a look at which books are on the shortlist for 2015, you can find the finalists on the The Children's Book Council of Australia's website: http://cbca.org.au/ShortList-2015.htm

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Premier's Reader Challenge going strong

32 children have now completed their challenge which means over 640 books have been read! How amazing is that?
Don’t forget to log on to the website and complete your student reading record. It’s easy to do and there are lots of different choices and authors to choose from. Ask your teacher if you need a log on or password.
The PRC finishes on 21st August so there is still time for all those great readers out there at John Colet to sign up.
Jemima from 4th class says: The PRC is good because it encourages you to find new authors and read books that you didn’t know about
Max from 4th class says: The PRC is great for children to really get them reading. We have discovered new authors and it has become the new craze in our class!


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6th classes developing their skills


Our students certainly get plenty of performance and public speaking opportunities.  Both 6th classes have written, directed, acted in and recorded their own short films about the gold rush days in Australia.  This is part of HSIE studies and preparation for all their learning on their camp at Bathurst in September.

And debating season continues.  This week 6th class students Elliot M K, Eugenia C, Jasmin W and Scarlett T won their debate against the Japanese School, arguing the negative that Australia should become a republic. 

And on Wednesday this week, the tv quiz show Move It! came to John Colet.  Auditions were held in the library.  Teams of pairs of 6th class students were asked to come up and say something about themselves, then quick fire rounds were held in which teams organised pictures into order, based on clues given.  By all accounts, it was a lot of fun.

And finally this week, 6th classes' Shakespeare parts were given out. Lines are being learnt in earnest over the holidays as the start of preparation for our Shakespeare Festival at the Glen Street Theatre in October.


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Cereal Box Book Challenge

This term 4th class have been involved with the Premier’s Reading Challenge. We have discovered some new authors and books which has been very exciting! Our task over the last few weeks was ‘The Cereal Box Book Project’.  First we had to choose a book that we had enjoyed recently, this wasn’t difficult as we have read so many books for our challenge! The next part was to decorate  the outside of the box to make it look like the actual  front cover of the real book.  Inside the cereal box had to be a main character profile, a summary of the story, a book review and two objects from the story. Our projects are all amazing and we had such fun completing the task. Did you know that 4th class have almost ALL finished the PRC – this means as a class we have read well over 400 books!!



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Guided reading program

Guided Reading in 4th class is always a hive of activity. We were joined by Mrs H (mum to Aidan) recently, who taught us how to do some Chinese brush art. We had to copy the characters very carefully and hold the brush in a special way. Mrs F and Mrs C (mums to Alethea and Samsara) also helped, assisting with Upwords and Scrabble. There were plenty of double AND triple word scores! Playing word games is a regular activity in our program as is grammar work and comprehension skills. We look forward to our Guided Reading sessions very much.

Mrs Tomicki



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4th class reflects on Open Day

4th class thought Open Day was a great success!  It was good for attracting guests who might want to attend John Colet.

One of the best parts of the day was going to see the reptile man because we got to hold and feel the snakes around our necks.  We really loved the Wheel of Fortune because of all the cool and crazy prizes you could win.  We also liked the performances that the teachers set up because they gave up their time to help us.

The 6th class stalls had activities that have never been at Open Day before and we really enjoyed them.  The photo booth was a wonderful activity because you could dress up and have fun with your friends.  And let's not forget the cake competition - delicious!



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6th class reflections on Open Day

Some of our 6th class students report on their day...

As soon as I had dropped my bag off it was time to start filling and tying 650 water balloons ready for the big fight. After about half an hour it was time to get ready for singing, but after that it was back to tying. By the time we had tied about 400 balloons our fingers were red raw. It was such a pain! My hands were so cold I couldn’t feel them. When the fight started and I saw all those balloons flying, I knew it was worth it – and that was my favourite part of Open Day.

Marcus M

My favourite part of Open Day was helping my Mum with the chess stall.  This being my best activity in and out of school hours. My job was Official Chess Raffle Advertiser. As a result of my hard work we had a winner! Niam from Year 5.

Sebastian P

With great stalls, amazing singing and delicious food, this year’s Open Day was better than ever. My favourite activity was working at the apple bobbing stall with my friends. Helping the customers win their apple and coat it in scrumptious toppings felt really great. Everyone had a big smile on their face as they approached and it was good to see so many people eating their prize as we watched the money pile grow! This Open Day stall was so much fun for everybody even the workers.

Scarlett T

At Open Day the year six stalls were what I enjoyed the most. I worked on the Lucky Dip stall and the prizes were so popular that they only lasted two hours!

Amelia  F

What I most enjoyed about the day was the photo booth. I loved it because it is my last year at the fair and it was a great way to preserve the fun I had with friends at the fair. The costumes were a great idea and added extra pleasure and silliness to the photo booth.

Jasmin W

On Open day I liked the year six stalls because they were fun and I loved buying stuff from them. I also loved the photo booth because we could dress up funnily and get our pictures taken.

Dior L


At Open Day I mostly enjoyed the year 6 stalls. I worked on the chubby bunny stall with Rushil and Max. I loved it because everybody who contributed to our game, had a bubbly and determined personality to win the high score for the box of chocolates at the end of the day. Plus I was with my friends and we had a blast! I feel quite sad that this was my last Open Day.

Sophie W

During Open Day, there were a lot of enjoyable things, but selling jellybeans at our stall had to be my overall favorite. Although technically it wasn’t a stall, as we strolled around, asking people for a guess, our jellybean business was very fun, and by far the highlight of my Open Day.

Elliot MK

I absolutely loved this year’s Open Day as year six stalls were so much fun as well as an enjoyable educational activity. Running a business was exciting and hardworking because our stall, the wheel of fortune, had sooo many eager customers.

Alexa D

On Open Day I liked the Year 6 stalls; the ones I liked the best were the Heavenly Hair, Wheel of Fortune and Lucky Dip stalls.  They were the best on Open Day.

Jaanvi K


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Debating Season Update

It's debating season, and this week John Colet School competed in their secod inter-school debate.

This time we were pipped by one point by a very strong performance by the Alexander School.

We argued the affirmative that We Should All Buy Australian Grown Food.  
1st speaker was Scout H, 2nd was Maisy T, 3rd Luke C and 4th Jasmin W. 

6th class is looking forward to the next debating round!



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Same, but different

As part of our HSIE topic “Same but Different” 4th class is looking at different religions in our community. We recently had a visit from Mrs D  (Mum to Ashwani) who talked about her Hindu faith and shared some important stories and customs with us. She told us about lots of wonderful traditions and symbols which are very significant and form part of the varied and colourful festivals in the Hindu calendar. Mrs Devjee even made us some Indian snacks to try and the result – YUM!!!

Another visitor, Mrs N (Mum to Jason) spoke about Judaism...

We are looking forward to many more visitors over the term and learning about the different religions which are part of our community both here at school and in Sydney.

Mrs Tomicki


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Buddy monitor update


Over several weeks Sophie and I have had the joy of being buddy monitors.  This duty involves planning fun activities for the buddies to enjoy.  Some of the activities we have planned have been Arts and Crafts based others have been more physical and interactive.  Our most popular activity from the children’s perspective has been the rainbow parachute when the buddies run under the parachute and have lots of laughs.  This Friday we had a very successful Easter Egg hunt, which was lots of fun.
We are so grateful for this exciting leadership responsibility as we have really enjoyed working with Mrs McDermott and her class.  We wish all the best of luck to next term’s buddy monitors.  I’m sure they will have a great time like we did.

Isis C and Sophie W (6th K)

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