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Celebrating John Colet Day

Each year we hold a special assembly to acknowledge the contribution to education and society of our namesake, John Colet.  Here are two speeches given by 6th class students at this year’s assembly.

John Colet was born in London in 1467 and died in September 1519. The son of a wealthy merchant and mayor, he studied mathematics and philosophy at Oxford University. John Colet was ordained deacon in 1497, and priest shortly afterwards. After travelling in Italy and France, he returned to teach at Oxford.
In 1505, John Colet inherited a great fortune from his father. In the same year, he became dean of St Paul’s School, London and in 1509, re-founded the school. Colet had aspirations for how the school should be run and remained highly influential in its early years. – Edward

John Colet surrounded himself with humanists and theologians. Many of his great friendships included Erasmus, Sir Thomas More, Thomas Linacre.
John Colet’s values are reflected in our school.
Service: to his school, the students and other educators.
Respect: to his teachers, his students and those who were wise.
Stillness: patience in establishing the school and supporting it the way he wanted.
Truthfulness: he used his knowledge to live a truthful life.
Courage: to start a new school and teach students about different things.
John Colet was an English priest, theologian and scholar…an educational pioneer. – Darya