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Celebrating our differences on John Colet Day

At our annual John Colet day in Term 2, our Vice Head Girl and Boy, Scout and Flinders,  spoke about our school namesake, John Colet, and the things they love about the school…


SCOUT One thing that I love about John Colet School is how different it is to other schools. For instance, while you are learning languages like German and French at other schools, at John Colet you learn languages such as Latin and Sanskrit. You may think at first “That’s pointless. They’re dead languages!” but I can tell you it isn’t. In fact, to me it makes perfect sense. Because Latin and Sanskrit are some of the very first languages, many modern day languages derive from them. If you learn these two languages in primary school then when you get to high school you can pretty much choose any language you fancy and you’ll still have a head start!

FLINDERS  John Colet was an extraordinary person and teacher, kind of like our teachers.  John Colet is said to have quoted, ‘Leaders should set an example as a beacon of light.’  I think our teachers are our beacon of light.  The teachers at John Colet School are kind, amazing and supportive.

SCOUT Another thing that stands out about John Colet School is meditation. All students over the age of ten get the choice to meditate. I know that when I come back from play time I am often still very energetic, and meditation is just the right thing for me. When I return from the hot playground and into the cool environment of the classroom, that five minutes of silence calms we down so that afterwards I can continue my schoolwork steadily and carefully. Meditation is a very useful skill that I know I will use for the rest of my life.

FLINDERS I think I speak for everyone when I say Shakespeare is our favourite activity at school.  I like it because you can be whomsoever you want to be.

SCOUT Also, John Colet has lots of school clubs for students to join. I am involved in PISA, Piano, Debating, Choir, Conducting, French and Chess, and that’s not even near all of them. There are clubs for kids of all ages with all different sorts of hobbies, from gardening to Mandarin, orchestra to sailing. Joining these clubs is a way for students to form friendships and find new hobbies.

FLINDERS  As some of you may know, I came from a different school in year one, but I think John Colet School is much better as everybody is friendly and kind, and nobody gets bullied.

SCOUT I think something that really stands out about John Colet School is the students. They have all learnt to uphold the school values and they carry them out in almost everything they do, from serving each other at lunch time to behaving respectfully in class.

FLINDERS The school values are probably the most important aspect of our school, and we all know them by now as we say them every Monday morning!  Personally, I think everyone at this school demonstrates these values.