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Ceramics in Schools

Experiencing different art disciplines
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Ceramics are part of the NSW curriculum which focuses on artist’s practice and the children seeing themselves as artists and experiencing different art disciplines. We are very fortunate to have Ceramics In Schools run by two potters Sue Buckle and Krystan Taylor. They have been coming to John Colet for many years and working with the children to produce delightful art works.
The first process is making, then the work is fired, then painted and fired again. Whilst we do other clay and modelling  work we don t have a kiln and the opportunity to produce a lifetime art work is wonderful for the children. Most importantly,  they are working with experienced ceramic artists which is invaluable.
The subject matter for the pieces relates to work they have been doing in art and perhaps H.S.I.E.  We have put it in the programme for infants children as a yearly event . We charge the parents for the costs, which all goes directly to Ceramics in Schools, because we feel that the children are receiving a quality product that they have made themselves. The children just love this special workshop.
Ceramics in Schools - image 2013-ceramics-blog on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au Ceramics in Schools - image 2013-ceramics-blog2 on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au