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Chess in focus at John Colet School

Last week was the 7th and last round of our Term 3  Senior Chess tournament

Congratulations to Daniel S ÿ<fl∆ who won the tournament followed very closely by Leo G ÿ<fl∆ and then Thomas J ÿ<fl∆ followed very closely by Liam McWÿ<fl∆. This ongoing tournament has really focused the class and has been very enjoyable for them. 

I would like to thank our volunteers for the Intermediate Class on a Monday after school. Chandra B (Siddhartha’s Dad) has been a long time volunteer with this class but is moving on and Felecity H (Jamie’s mum) helped out last week and next week for the last week of term Chetna H (Saurav and Eshaan’s Mum) will be helping out. 

In Term 4 we will have a morning of a 5 round Chess Tournament for Upper 1st/2nd and Primary. Children who can play chess but are not currently in the Chess Club are welcome to enrol also. Stay tuned for more details and encourage your chess enthusiast to play at home 🙂

On 23 September there is a One Day Tournament at Ryde run by the NSW JCL which I would highly recommend for your chess enthusiast.  It is open for 6-17 year olds. It is a great experience and will give them an official rating. 

Last Term our Club was coached by Max Illingworth, Australia’s No. 1 ranked Chess Player. A lovely young man that the kids adored. Please send him your positive vibes for a great Tournament as he represents Australia in the coming days at the World Championships in Europe. 

Yours in Chess, 
Simone Pietschner