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Chess results for John Colet teams

Hello Chess Enthusiasts!

I have the final results of the Primary Schools Chess Competition (a.k.a. Friday afternoon Competition!) for our region.  The members of the John Colet Chess Club have done an amazing job representing their school.

The final standings are as follows:

John Colet A (Championship Division MW1) TIED EQUAL 2nd!
Jarod C, Ryan B, Xavier S, Sean B
–    This would be the closest finish in years.  Only Ω POINT separated the top 3 schools!! This division is always hotly contested as it consists of the very best chess teams across the Northern Beaches.  

John Colet B (Championship Division MW1) 5th PLACE!  (possibly 4th pending the results of 2 schools)
Dominic S, Nathan C, Brigitte S, Lucas v de S, (Res) Daniel S
–    The B team also competed in the above Championship division.  Interestingly, they were the only team in the tournament to beat the overall winners during the 9 weeks.
–    There was only 2.5 points between the winners and the B team.
John Colet C (Intermediate Division MW2) 2nd PLACE!
Daniel S, Thomas J, Harry P, MiMi P, (Res) Patrick H
–    This team was strong and steady throughout this division.  Great news for the future of the Chess Club!!   

And as I reported a couple of weeks ago:

John Colet D (Rookie Division MW4) DIVISION WINNERS!
Kai P, Liam McW, Sean G, Paul D & (Res) Rahul K

John Colet E (Junior Rookie Division MW5) EQUAL 2nd PLACE!
Ramakrishna B, Michael T, Aidan H, Isabella G & (Res) Siddhartha B, (Res) Saskia T

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all of these students.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Managers of each of the teams: Jen M, Coral C, Melissa P, Simone P & Helen L and to the parents who helped out with driving and the afternoon tea at the home games.  It is impossible for me to manage this tournament without you all and so I am extremely grateful for your assistance.

One Day Interschool Chess Challenge
Today (Friday 1 August) 5 Senior members of the chess club; Lucas v de S, Nathan C, Ryan B, Xavier S and Brigitte S will be competing in the Semi-Finals of the Interschool Chess Challenge. We all wish them the best of luck.  I shall report their results next week.

Yours strategically,
Heather B