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Club Kidpreneur

6th class ran stalls on Wednesday and Friday this week to raise money for their chosen charities, World Vision and Bear Cottage
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The 6th class children have been so enthusiastic about being a kidpreneur; there are definitely some talented entrepreneurs in the making in this class. We had all sorts of lessons to learn along the way. Selecting products that would be attractive to the school clientele was one task. Initially some of the planned products would have been too expensive. I know the 6th class parents have contributed greatly in helping us with our products and that is after we discarded some ideas which were just too complicated. We needed to learn to plan and be organised. However generally everyone has been energetic and very responsible in the planning and creating of the different sale items. Some of us opted to sell delicious food which is always a very popular product but we also made items such as the small bags and key rings and provided hair accessories, tattoos and chess coaching. The children making items have been working on these for a couple of months. A great range of products. The energy and enthusiasm in the school at sale time was wonderful and the 6th class were really delighted at the generous response from all the school

Thank you for supporting us in our endeavours. We will let you know when we have done a final tally.

Roslyn Dunn and Mary Layton

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