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Debating season concludes

Last Friday, our debating teams had their final debate of the IPSHA Debating competition at Wahroonga Prep School. The topic of the debate was, That small vehicles should be banned from large cities . Unfortunately the adjudicator did not come, so there was no adjudication. However, both teams debated and were given feedback on their debates from myself and the teacher from Wahroonga Prep, as well as some parents. This brings the IPSHA competition to an end for the year, it has been an incredible journey and I believe all the children involved have learnt a lot. The focus of this competition is not on winning (there are no trophies or marks) but rather on the skills developed from debating; communication, teamwork, persuasive speaking skills and public speaking skills. Well done to all the children who have debated this year.

Jasmine Crewe