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Deputy Head of School’s comment

John Colet School - Belrose, Sydney

Moving around the classrooms this week and looking at all the work on the walls, it is easy to see the level of excellence that children strive for and take pride in throughout the school. When children love learning, it is natural for them to want to do their best. On Wednesday I had the pleasure of visiting Lower 1st to look at their writing. I was struck by their beautiful handwriting and by the high standard of their writing. It reflected both focus and effort. Similarly, watching Upper 1st do what is called a “cold write” where they have one stimulus, and are required to write with little preparation, it was obvious that their understanding of grammar and punctuation was well grounded allowing them to write with ease. Their love of the subject was obvious. We should never underestimate the capabilities of our children.

Di Renshaw
Deputy Headmistress