Developing the whole child

Developing attention

Actively developing a child’s ability to give attention to tasks is an important skill that is best learnt at an early age. Children’s minds naturally wander, and practical exercises help them to learn how to focus. It is all about being in the present moment. Many of our unique subjects and clubs facilitate this, such as Singing, Shakespeare, Art and Chess. However, it is the regular pausing throughout the day that helps children learn how to fall still, quiet the emotions and give their attention to the task at hand.

Developing character

The development of character and self-knowledge is critical to becoming lifelong learners and valued members of society. Unless a child feels secure, loved and confident in their abilities, and how they fit into the wider world, then academic learning rarely excels. Through a focus on values, character development, regular philosophy lessons, within an inclusive non-denominational setting, our students have the space to be their best selves. Our students are encouraged to think beyond themselves, towards their school, family, country and the wider world.

Social and Emotional Development

We know that each of our students is different and that it is individual progress and development of character that are the real evidence of success. Our students stay with the same teacher for three years in Infants, two years for Years 3 and 4 and two years for Years 5 and 6. The extended time allows for a deeper longer lasting connection between the teacher and the student, and also the teacher and the parent. There is a continuity that avoids the usual time in the first quarter or half of the year where a teacher would usually need to establish rapport and knowledge of individual learning styles.

Developing the whole child