Dr Craig Hassed's outstanding talk on Mindfulness - image  on https://www.johncolet.nsw.edu.au

Dr Craig Hassed’s outstanding talk on Mindfulness


We were fortunate to have Dr Craig Hassed at the school to deliver a stimulating, amusing and thought provoking talk to a full room.  Many members of the School community were there to hear him, as well as a good number of others from the wider community.

He spoke largely from a medical scientific perspective on the power of mindfulness techniques, to train the attention and modify the brain, with the result being better health and longevity, higher levels of happiness and resilience, and better educational results. 

John Colet School has been applying these techniques since its inception and now the scientific world has come along to confirm what we have seen in practice for decades – greater focus, more effective learning, and even increased expressions of virtuous behaviour. 

Click here to read Dr Hassed’s presentation powerpoint.