How to use the drop off and pick up zone

Pick Up/Drop off Zone Traffic Flow

  1. Cars are to line up from the start point of the Pick Up Zone
  2. Follow the arrows on the diagram below.
  3. If entering from Cotentin Road, please turn left on to Wyatt Ave to join the queue.
  4. Wait in line, have your Family Name sign provided by the school office visible on the windscreen.
  5. Please keep as close to the kerbside as possible to allow non-school traffic to pass by.
  6. Be considerate of our neighbours, do not block driveways and do not use their driveways to turnaround.
  7. Children are to enter/exit the car from the kerbside only.
  8. Drive off straight along Wyatt Ave.  Do not perform any U turns near the school.

Pick Up Zone details

  • Parents to line up from the start point of the zone.
  • Parents are to stay in the car.
  • If your car has an automatic boot release then the student can place his/her bag in the boot, otherwise the bag goes in the back seat with the child.
  • Children must be able to put on their own seat belt.
  • Please be considerate of our neighbours – no blocking of driveways or using their drives to turn around.
  • Do not use the Pick Up Zone if you need to get out of the car, or if your child is unable to do up their own seatbelt. In this case, park rear to kerb in front of Wyatt Reserve (Oval) and use the pedestrian crossing. Please see diagram below.