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Encouraging children to be generous

A warm thank you to the parents who have been able to come to the Headmaster’s Class Breakfasts in the Staff Common Room so far the Primary parents and next the Infants parents.  Thanks also to Donna for providing delicious things to help the conversation along.  These occasions have been most enjoyable and have offered a further opportunity for communication on a more personal level.
Our next big social event is to welcome Grandparents to the School on Wednesday 4th from 8.30 to 10.30.  The children will be serving and then performing.  The location is the Hall.
This week we welcome a second Gap Student to John Colet this time from London.   Joy Mendes da Costa had her education at St. James Girls School, one of our sister schools in London.  She will be here till mid-2014.  Her interests are sports, drama and history, and we look forward to her helping teachers in all of these areas, as well as Sanskrit, Art and Singing.  In her spare time she likes to play tennis and lacrosse and read and sing.  Joy is a very experienced babysitter!  She is intending to take up studies in education next year with the hope of becoming a teacher.
The Garden Club is very close to launch thanks to the great and enthusiastic efforts of Alex Delien and a host of helpers, including members of staff.  We are encouraging interested children to keep to existing after school activities and wait for gardening to rotate to another day of the week, which we will do each term, so that everyone gets a chance to participate.  Best of luck!
We are moving on from Steadfastness to the practice of Generosity for the next few weeks.  Generosity includes allowing others to enjoy what is theirs their personal talents and abilities as well as possessions; it includes not taking more than we actually need, and also of course the usual concept of giving and sharing with others what we ourselves have and enjoy.  There is much scope here!  Please encourage this quality in the children:  it is one that can bring much happiness to both giver and receiver.