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End of semester one chess update

Fernando and Class smaller

This morning was the Final Senior Chess Class for Term 2, as well as the Final Round of our Class Tournament and our Coach Fernando Caro-Vines last lesson with us.  Fernando is an Engineer from Chile who has been in Australia for the last 15 mths and has taught at the school for the last 12 months.  He has been wonderful with the children and we shall miss him very much, but we are confident that Sydney Academy of Chess will provide us with a new Coach for Term 3 that we will also enjoy working with.

Congratulations to Daniel S (6R) who came first in the Tournament with a perfect score, followed by Mimi (6C), Kai P (6C) and Thomas J (5T).  

During the holidays there are a number of opportunities for Chess Enthusiasts to play in Tournaments.  We would love to see a strong John Colet turn out at the Northern Beaches Chess Challenge at Forestville on 9 July.  For more Tournaments during the holidays please check the Sydney Academy of Chess Upcoming tournaments page, as well as the NSW Junior Chess League page.  Children in the Intermediate and Senior Classes would be well able to participate in these events as well as some of the stronger children from the Transition Class.  The Chess Club will reimburse any Registration Fees for current members.

Happy Holidays!
Yours in Chess, Simone