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End of year parties and excursions

From the Stage Coordinators

The weather was against us! no Sports Carnival on Tuesday, but the new date of 25th November was easily arranged although the calendar is a bit of a minefield of end-of-year parties, excursions and other exciting events.  Sixth Class is rolling towards the end of their John Colet careers, and are making this doubly memorable with a series of happenings.  Rehearsals for Speech Night are underway, and of course there is the Nativity by Second Class coming up the day after the Carnival.

Mufti Day was bright occasion at school, and most of the children came to school sporting something black to signify that we were collecting the gold coin penalty money for a group of disadvantaged girls at Warwick Farm who are devoting themselves to working for charitable causes.  Callum T and his family made a presentation at the Monday Assembly, explaining all about it.   $415.75 was collected, and will be handed to Callum to pass on.  Thank you to all who participated!  A great initiative, Callum.

The Nativity is traditionally accompanied by gift giving on the part of the children, with suitable items going to the needy and underprivileged.   These will be collected in the large Treasure Chest that will be placed outside the Maclaren Hall. We hope to receive some gifts for 15-year-old girls, suitable to the Warwick Farm group.

We are all working towards bringing the final term of 2013 to a fulfilling, successful and peaceful end this to be done by a careful adherence to our school values Stillness, Truthfulness, Care, Service, Respect.