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P&F Gala Dinner

Held at Miramare Gardens. Ticket price is $160.  This event is historically held every two to three years. However, with the unprecedented conditions in the recent past, it has been sorely missed.

Most of our staff and board have booked a seat and it would be wonderful to have a strong parent representation from each year level. Particularly, the parents of our graduating students and our new families who have recently joined.

Our past events have helped to support many of the building projects that your children have benefited from and indeed that future students will enjoy. The next tentative project is the much needed renovation of our hall and kitchen.

This evening is primarily an opportunity for parents and staff to come together socially. I encourage you to form a year level table or perhaps join one.

There will be prizes, auctions of class artworks, great music and food, and most importantly good company.



Mar 31
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