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And then it's over...

It’s been Shakespeare, Shakespeare and more Shakespeare at John Colet this week.  The Primary Festival is on and the Infants children had a preview at school on Monday and Tuesday when the Primary put on six wonderful dress rehearsal performances for them in the Hall.  The real performances on Thursday were even better, and the auditorium was packed.  There was much laughter and sometimes tension as the plays rolled out.  A big thank you to the class teachers, so ably assisted by Zoe Emanuel and the Headmaster, and of course thanks for the wonderful contribution the parents made in sourcing costumes, backdrops and props, as well as providing a supper at the theatre.  The Friday performances will undoubtedly be as well supported and as enjoyable.  For the 6th Class, it will be their final John Colet Shakespeare performance.

Our photographer Michael Hennessey took his usual wonderful photos and they are available to view at his website www.hennos.com.  

The next big event is the Sports Carnival, combined Infants and Primary, which will be at Narrabeen on 12th November.  Today the Infants had a very successful run-through with Tim Roslin and the teachers.  Primary will have their practice next week.

A focus this week for the practice of “Give of your best” has been in speech.  Children have been reminded to speak clearly and in full sentences.  This has of course found its full expression in the Shakespeare plays, and the diction this year was noticeably improved.