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Fighting safely and fairy movement

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This week our Shakespeare Drama Club students had the first of their workshops by two visiting specialist drama coaches and our drama teacher Ms Emanuel. 

Chris Tomkinson, from Sport for Jove, explained that safe distances, maintaining eye contact, starting with very slow movements and always being in control were the most important rules when choreographing fight scenes.  The students are working on their street fighting scene for their performance of  Romeo and Juliet in upcoming eisteddfods.

Meanwhile actor and physical comedy specialist Nick O’Regan took a commedia dell’arte workshop with our Midsummer Night’s Dream drama club group.  They learnt how to to walk, stand and move like Bottom and the fairies. 
Our drama club students will be performing in the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod and the Sydney Eisteddfod in May and June this year.

Next week in the second workshop they will be working with the coaches to incorporate their new skills into their scenes.

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