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Fire fighters a great example of Care and Service

A hot, dry,  smoky week at John Colet School, but not nearly so hot, dry and smoky as at schools in the Blue Mountains and other affected communities.  Our sympathies and thoughts go to all those enduring and fighting fires.  What wonderful examples there have been of care and service to the community from the fire fighters and their enormous support teams, endangering their own safety to help others and their property.

Everyone in the school has been working to condense and showcase their Shakespeare performances for the visit of John Bell and some members of the Board of Governors on Friday:  we also look forward to Primary’s full presentations of their plays on Monday and Tuesday, which they will do for each other and the Infants children, in preparation for the real thing at the Glen Street Theatre.

The strong winds have made caring for the playground a little more onerous this week, but this remains the focus of the CARE practice.

On Tuesday 29th parents of 2013 Lower First are warmly invited to morning tea with the Headmaster and Mistresses.  This will be the final class morning tea for the year it has been a most enjoyable and well-attended series of get-togethers.  Thank you to all those who are able to come.