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Following our own inclinations to learn about God

Headmaster's weekly comment

In assembly the children recite the school creed:

We are here to learn about God, Man, the Universe and our relationship to them; by which means we may fulfil our bond to remember the Creator, to abide by the fine regulations of the Creation, and to return to the Absolute.

This is a formulation put together many years ago by Leon MacLaren, the founder of the school, and, as such has some archaisms.  But it is part of the tradition of the school, so we say it as formulated, and then we apply our faculties of reason to discover its meaning and to make it practical.

The first thing we are here to learn about is God.

Most people think of God as an all-powerful, creative and intelligent Supreme Being, much like the universal Father prayed to in The Lord’s Prayer.  This appeals to those of us of a devotional nature who use prayer and worship to discover His nature and purpose.

For others less inclined to devotion, and of a more contemplative nature, God can be met as the still small voice within.  The voice of conscience; the guiding light which tells us what to do and what not to do; the ultimate Self within who watches all our physical, mental, and emotional ups and downs and is unaffected by them.

For others, the way to God is through service to others.  And these people, more inclined to action than devotion or contemplation, love their neighbour as themselves. They look after those in need, they feed the hungry, and they comfort the afflicted.

By any of these means we can follow our own individual inclinations and learn about God.