From the Stage Coordinators: 27/5/13 - image  on

From the Stage Coordinators: 27/5/13

Did everyone see the Manly Daily front page on Tuesday?  Echoes of the fire but great publicity for the Art Show and Open Day. 

School has been a hive of activity with a marquee and stage being put together, the Art Show being prepared by a group of dedicated ladies and men, artists dropping a wonderful array of works, ladies with clipboards assessing locations, children rehearsing, and the school’s Art Department and teachers busily putting up work for our general admiration!  The Catering ladies are scheming to feed us all with their usual panache on Open Day, and in the meantime, they have managed to keep lunches going in a Camp Kitchen in the breezeway. (The children seem to enjoy these picnic lunches and are to be seen in clusters in the Garigal Quad at lunchtime.)

Professional Development:  Miss Cipollone attended a Maths Inservice this week, and Miss White and also Miss Cipollone will be going to two PD days in early June relating to Health and healthy eating and how to incorporate this into the curriculum.

This is sponsored by the Health Department and the Council.  We are also hoping to promote healthy food awareness with the starting up a little later in the year of a Garden Club after school.

John Colet Day:     We were honoured by the presence on Monday  20th of several of our Board members who came to honour our namesake John Colet , and to tour the school, looking at the children’s work.  The Headboy and Headgirl each gave a speech on the background of John Colet in the 16th century, and they delivered these with confidence and clarity.  The school performed various recitations and singing a treat by any standard.

The tour of the Board was very successful and not the least because the children demonstrated excellent behaviour (thank goodness!), but also the Governors, quite fortuitously, happened upon some Writing lessons, and were thoroughly entertained by some budding authors!

In the meantime, we pray for rain, but also ask for it to hold off during the Fair this Sunday!