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This week L1st M has been focusing on the complex concept of Fractions.
We started the week with simple ideas and notions of sharing, and what it meant to be fair when splitting a whole object into parts. The students were extremely quick to realise that in order for sharing to be fair, we had to divide an object into equal parts.
Students thoroughly enjoyed sharing objects (UNIFIX CUBES) with other members in the class, creating whole circles as a class and splitting into two equal semi circles (Space and Geometry Sub-strand), and have worked extremely contentedly and steadily throughout this period.
During our Fraction lessons, fine motor skills have also been refined during cutting and pasting objects to fit in the Fraction Flower , along with colouring. In addition, students further developed these skills through the creation of fraction murals. To do so, students have folded, cut, and stuck, squared pieces of paper, which also consolidated their cognitive mathematical development, surrounding fractions.

Harriet Wickett
Macquarie University (final year Practicum) student 2018