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From our Deputy Head

This week it was good to meet with the parents from 5th and 6th class who were able to come to the Morning Tea. It was great to discuss the value of an education that seeks to broaden the children’s horizons by offering a broad and rich curriculum.

Next week we will be holding our Primary Swimming Carnival. For the first time we were obliged to swim heats in the week prior in order to accommodate the number of events. Our heats went very smoothly thanks to the careful organisation of Mrs Mackenzie and Mrs Layton and to the steady and co-operative behaviour of the children. All primary parents are invited to join us next Wednesday at Killarney Swim Centre from 10.45 am.
I have been invited into many Infants classrooms to hand out merit cards. I continue to be impressed by the high standard of work that is being produced by them and their efforts to remember the quality of respect.

Diane Renshaw
Deputy Headmistress