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From our Deputy Head

The big event this week was the Primary Swimming Carnival. I would like to add my congratulations to Mrs Mackenzie on doing such a wonderful job and also to the children for their enthusiasm, good sportsmanship and good behaviour. The House captains all did a marvelous job both in helping to organise their House and also in the way in which they conducted the pre-Carnival meetings with House members at the beginning of the week.
I met with 6th class this morning just to take stock, as it were, of how the term is progressing for them and I was very impressed by the conversation. The effect and value of service, both for themselves and others, was a focal point of the conversation. I found this very encouraging.
On Wednesday we will have Cook Market Day and we look forward to raising funds for the Pink Ribbon Foundation.
Also on Wednesday, we look forward to meeting up with parents from 3rd and 4th classes for Morning Tea in the Library.

Diane Renshaw
Deputy Headmistress